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Advantages of Having Online Classes During This Lockdown


We all are pretty much aware of the online classes conducted in most households during this lockdown. In this covid19 era, all schools and colleges are physically shut and are having daily online classes for the students. Not only in India but also all across the globe, this trend is diligently followed. Some may say that it is the beginning of a new normal while some may say that it is a part of the imparting education but not complete education. Let’s try to learn the advantages of these online classes in view of the students, society and surroundings.

Advantages of Having Online Classes During This Lockdown

  • Reduced infrastructure and operational cost
  • Easier attendance
  • Individual attention from teachers
  • Improved self-discipline and responsibility
  • The comfort and friendlier environment of a home
  • Easier to focus
  • Better learning of tech skills
  • Encouraging an open environment
  • Self-paced learning

The three major aspects and rather very important ones, which need attention in this current scenario are teachers, students and parents. They are the three sides of this triangle, who are trying their level best to cope with this tricky situation we all have been thrown into.

• Teachers:

  1. Daily preparation of the topics to be taught to the students
  2. Find innovative ways to keep the students engaged in the virtual class.
  3. Manage the complete class and students for the maximum exchange of knowledge.
  4. Daily meetings with the staff and principal regarding the shortcomings and requirements in conduction of classes
  5. Task sheet to innovate ways to complete the course in half the duration of the class

• Students:

  1. They have changed their learning pattern and habits.
  2. The knowledge is imparted with less emphasis on formal exams.
  3. Allows the potential of individualized learning.
  4. Screen time has increased tremendously.
  5. Adjust themselves to the new ways of learning and acquiring knowledge.

• Parents:

  1. They are having their work hampered, be it home or office, which affects their productivity.
  2. Have to deal with the fulfilment of kids and teacher’s demands.
  3. Look at the child’s grasping ability with the new setup and deal with the shortcomings at home.

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