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Corona Or No Corona, Surprises & Celebrations Must Bloom In Life


The world has witnessed many pandemics, much worse than Corona, before but for the millennials, COVID-19 or Corona is the first and the scariest. Celebrations are the way out of hectic life schedules and to put down the stress for humans, but for millennials, every day is like a party.

Corona Or No Corona, Surprises & Celebrations Must Bloom In Life

There were birthday parties, night-outs, reunions, trips, and outdoor eating every day until Mr Corona entered life as a strict school Principal. No moving out of homes, no reunions, and a fear of getting infected like the fear of being punished on breaking the rules. It is undoubtedly not the life humans have learned to live. We are free, and the world is democratic now, but Mr Corona felt like Thanos, having powers to switch the way of living.

Well, the world is running back on the tracks, and we are free to move out and chill, but the fear is still here. Everyone knows how risky it is to wander out there, and we do fear getting too close to anyone, thanks to the announcements of maintaining social distance.

Nobody will understand or talk about that, but I am putting forward the emotions of millennials here. They must be missing the gold old pre-corona days more than anyone. And why not? They have a lot to do with outings and parties, as I stated above. But now, the fear of Corona is slaying.

But staying back in fear and ditching your fun is not a good thing. Hence, you should be having fun, with improvisation! While attending parties, exchanging gifts and sharing laughs are common. But as of now, when staying home is safe and the wise thing to do, celebrations and surprises should also be there. More than meeting in person, what is important is the communication with dear ones which can be done via video conference call. And as far as the gifts are concerned, there are numerous online gift portals that let you buy and send gifts across the globe. From small to small and big to big gift items like personalised keychains and 6 feet Teddy Bears, online gift portals provide almost everything.

And the best part, you can explore such unique and creative gifts on an online gift portal which are hard to find at the local gift shop. And while keeping safety on priority, gift portals are also providing no contact deliveries.

And as the unlock phase has started, you can even party in person with your friends by following the safety measures like wearing a mask, sanitization, and social distancing. Just like Thanos, Mr Corona is also a temporary villain who will soon be standing at the exit door. Corona may have affected three months of life, but you shouldn’t let go of the bloom of life which you have perceived through celebrations and surprises.

And not just millennials, everyone should have fun and create memories with loved ones while putting aside the fear of Corona in a progressive and safe manner.

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