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Can Luxury Apartments Replace Hotels?


Today many travellers looking for a long stay connect instantly with luxury apartments. This gives them a home away from home. The pleasure of staying the way you want and down sipping a cup of coffee made at a private kitchen at a comfortable couch is irreplaceable. Thus, now numerous people are investing their time and money over luxury apartments in order to rent out to travellers. Airbnb and Oyo rooms have been in this field for quite some time. While a 7 star hotel is still the first preference for a luxury traveller, companies like Airbnb and myriad of a luxury apartment give the same feel at a lesser cost. Apt for budget traveller, they serve travellers well with good amenities within the apartment and within the society. You can also check the best apartment sites san francisco if you need the best service.

Can luxury apartments replace hotels

Whether one wishes to stay in the countryside or centre of the city, luxury apartments are all over. Developers and builders like Rainbow Vistas at Rock Garden have developed premium apartments in Hyderabad providing numerous amenities for residents and guests to keep them entertained. These gated community apartments in Hyderabad are well set keeping you connected to other parts of the city. When an investor plans to rent and apartment for travellers, they need to make sure they provide all the amenities that a resident would have. A high grade service apartment needs to be priced appropriately as it would mean an excellent alternative to a luxury hotel.

Individuals or business travellers stay for numerous days. These people experience high traffic, cramped spaces and pollution on a daily basis. In order to retreat from their daily ordeals, staying near the IT hub would be an excellent option. There are numerous apartments for sale in Hi-tech city Hyderabad. Rainbow Vistas is one such luxurious property that provides detailed attention to minute areas. A personalized amenity centre along with a party house, swimming pool, children’s park and multiple options for sports lovers. For a luxury traveller every minute details count. A lush green property with spacious 3 bhk flats for sale in Hyderabad are more akin to a change in scenery.
These luxurious apartments are apt for group travellers as well. Group packers discover sharing the total bill amount which turns out to be more cost efficient than staying in a star hotel. They can share a single luxury apartment filled with household amenities that these travel groups can use.

Couples find it apt when compared to a youth hostel. 3 bedroom flats for rent in Kukatpally Hyderabad, provides the privacy they are looking for. They need not stay in a cramped up room and can have more space and facilities of that of a house combined well of a hotel.

Work travellers also find luxury gated community flats for sale in Hyderabad a better travel option. Apartments like Rainbow Vistas is situated centrally bringing you close to the IT corridor, so they can skip the congested roads making commutation easy. Its close connectivity to international schools, hospitals, metro stations, malls and multiplexes doesn’t leave any gap of travelling.
For families a luxurious apartment like Rainbow Vistas with a fully equipped kitchen is a huge plus as they get to feed their family who are picky eaters. Chatting, lazing around, hanging out with children in the park or splashing around in the pool are few added features that families get when they get to stay in an luxury apartment.

Besides the cost effectiveness of a luxury apartment, the numerous features that the property provides to residents can’t be missed. Recreational facilities including yoga corner, senior citizen corner, children’s play area, badminton and tennis court are few facilities that even guests can use. a home away from a home makes it less tiring for families and work travellers.


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