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BuyUcoin: Best Cryptocurrency Exchange


India is one of the main hubs of cryptocurrency holders. Right now, India is at the top of the cryptocurrency holders. And the need for a safe and secure Cryptocurrency Exchange. BuyUcoin is giving the opportunity to the Indians to experience the best exchange. Before using, you can check the BuyUcoin review.

There are already more than 1 million existing users on this platform. You can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the prices are comparatively less than other exchanging platforms. After signing up, you will get 100INR worth of Bitcoin free.


BuyUcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It was founded in 2016, and its headquarter is in Delhi. The founders are Atulya Bhatt, Shivam Thakral, and Devesh Aggrawal. This is India’s first multi-cryptocurrency exchange that offers safety and security to its users.

The BuyUcoin review says that Indian people can find the prices in rupees on this platform. For people in India, this is very helpful because now they can calculate their investments, earnings, and profits in rupees. They don’t need to calculate in dollars.

Both BuyUcoinTM and buyucoin.com are under the registration of iBlock Technologies Private Limited.

Why BuyUcoin?

There are plenty of reasons to choose this platform. After studying the BuyUcoin review, the reasons are as follows.

1. Security

This is about investing our savings, so our first priority the safety and security. The company provides the best security to its users. The passwords are hashing and encrypted. The platform put its funds into offline storage. There are user account protection, personal security, and many more.

The cold storage wallets are safe from any geographic location. The latitudes and longitudes are anonymous to everyone. The funds are only accessible to a few members. Also, this is the only platform that allows users to access their 5% crypto assets in hot wallets.

2. Fee Structure

There are so many different features on this platform. But, the fee structure on this platform is amazing. First of all, this platform doesn’t charge the users any extra money to the users. The deposit fee is zero, and the transaction fee is comparatively less than the other platforms.

The cost is free if you want to send or hold crypto in your BuyUcoin wallet. But, when you transact the cryptocurrency to your BuyUcoin wallet from other wallets, that will charge you a minimal cost. Opening an account on this platform is free. The KYC and verification is free.

3. Free Bitcoin

If you are a new user on this platform, then you can earn INR 100 worth of Bitcoin. When you sign up on this platform, you will get free Bitcoin worth 100 rupees. There is no cost to open an account, so when the price of Bitcoin increases, you can earn with zero investment.

Also, this platform allows earning free Bitcoin by referring to your friend and family. You can start your own affiliated marketing, you just need to refer someone, and after their sign up and a minimum deposit, you will get free Bitcoin.

There are free Bitcoins also when you deposit IN 10,000, trade cryptocurrency, or do any other activity on this platform. You can check the BuyUcoin review to know the user experience.

There are other features that you can find useful.

  • The user interface is so simple and easy to use.
  • The chat support is available 24*7 for any help.
  • The BuyUcoin EZ is full of features you can get.
  • There are different coupon partners. For example, you can get coupons for UNLU, Food Darzee, upGrad, SEEKHO, WAKEFIT, CLEARTAX, and HOUSING.Com.

How To Use TheBuyUcoin Platform

With this platform, buying and trading cryptocurrency is so simple. To use this platform, you need to follow these steps.

A. First, open your search bar and type buyucoin.com.
B. Now you need to register with your email id.
C. There you can find a box where you can need to write your email address, then click on ‘Get Started’.
D. You need to do the KYC verification. (You will need your Aadhar card, PAN card, Bank Details). Then, you need your account verified.
E. You can deposit INR with your digital wallet or direct bank transfer.
F. Now you will be able to buy, sell, and trade any cryptocurrency on this platform.

You can also download the application on your smartphone. The BuyUcoin is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store. The registration is almost the same on every platform. There are more than 130 crypto pairs, including BTC-INR, BTC-USDT, ETH-INR, and many more.

BuyUcoin Review

There are thousands of user reviews about this platform. Most of the reviews are 4 and 5 stars. The reviews come for the user interface, direct trading, chat support, and other features. There are few reviews about losing money on this platform. But we all know how the crypto market works.

Our Verdict

If you are new to this crypto market, BuyUcoin is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform you can have. This is easy to use, and you only need INR 100 to start your investment.

If you are already trading cryptocurrency for a long time, you can take a new experience with this platform.

If you have anything to ask, feel free to comment.

Thank You.

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