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Best Hostels in Morocco for Solo Travelers


Many people in the world travel solo as it is a way to feel free and make good connections while traveling. In Morocco many travelers I have seen used to visit alone and explore the destination their own way. If a traveler wishes to travel on a budget, he/she would have to take many measures to reduce their budget. One of the very important things is to opt for the Hostel stay so you can get the maximum pleasures at the best holiday destination like Morocco in the budget. Tourism in Marrakech is famous for its worldly known destinations to visit. I personally admire and want to travel to such a place especially in winter and when the festival starts in Summer.

Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Top Hostels in Morocco for the Solo travelers:

There are a number of Hostels alone in Marrakech, Morocco has an uncountable number of the hostels for the Solo travelers. Below are some famous names you can stay with.

Earth Hostel in Marrakech:

I expect that travels mostly want to land in Marrakech, Rabat or Agadir, so starting from Marrakech, it has a number of Hostels to host the solo travelers. Earth hostel is one of the good hostels for you to stay and have a good time. An important thing about this location is that it is just near to Djema el Fna and it is called to be the square of the city. Djema el Fna is the most charming place in Marrakech to visit. Also get the other pleasures to roam in the imperial old city. This experience is of my friend and according to him, their rooms are better and have a good capacity. Costs vary of the rooms having four, six or eight guests accordingly. The choice is yours.

Madrassa Hostel is another option in Marrakech:

Here is another option for travelers. To know, it is also near to Djema el Fna and some other prominent visiting places like museums and the palace. Madrassa Hostel is architecturally decorated old, as located in old Medina and having the best packages for its guests. It hosts number of private and dorm having four to fourteen guests capacity. The important thing to know is that breakfast is inclusive with the rent price and the Hostel will offer you the best traditional or English breakfast. You will have great time in Madrassa because they also have the terrace sittings and the WIFI for the travelers to use.

Solo travelers Enjoy to live in Essouirra Youth Hostel:
The loving thing about the coastal areas is that I love to be on those locations to find the satisfaction, calm overlooking nature. Essaouira Youth Hostel hosts the guests having the best facilities in town. It locates in old Medina having all the opportunities for you. The Market is near, along with the visiting destination like museums, and other architectural places.

You will have many options. If you are traveling Solo, there are options for you like the single room, double, dorm of four, six or ten and maximum fourteen people. The prices of the living also will impact on your living. Female travelers are encouraged to travel to Essouairra as the hostel has separate or mixed rooms for them too. You will have the terrace sittings where you can sit and have a great time with your friends taking the right sips of Capochino and overlooking the natural views of sea.

Dar Naima in Fez:

Fez is another location where I personally been to. It is the perfect place for winters to take the pleasures of Moroccan cold, and the warms of the Sun in Summer. The Hostel Dar Naima offers you the best experience on the location with the inclusive breakfast facility and the free WIFI. You can take the perfect warm experiences sitting around the fire and take coffee on the terrace of the hostel. It has single room to maximum of eight people’s rooms. The restaurants around and the destinations to visit will add in your solo traveling experience.

What locations are near to the hostel are famous Kairaouine Mosque, Inania Madrassa, and other many famous attractions. It also has a privilege to be near to the food market where you can have the best traditional foods of Morocco.

Dar Tanger Medina:

Dar Tanger is a very famous Hostel where mostly Solo travelers and students come to have a stay. It is located near to a number of attractions in Tangier. What Tangier is famous for its Palace Kasbah, and the coffee shops near the coast. Travelers stay in single, double 4 and eight people’s dorms. What you will find are the same, inclusive breakfast and the WIFI service.

If you are intended to travel solo to Morocco, you are on the right way. Best of luck.

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