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Welcome To Morocco – A Place Must Visit In 2020


Morocco is trending in the ten most favourite destinations in 2019 and that indicates the increasing popularity of Morocco in 2020 too. I remember Morocco was on the very first trips of my life through Virikson Holidays and those memories are which I can’t forget. Morocco I consider as a British traveller my second home which welcomes travellers to have their great thrilling time there.
What exactly makes you enjoy your vacations in Morocco and what are the places to visit there has an account in this blog today.

Welcome To Morocco – A Place Must Visit In 2020

How Can You Make Your Holidays More Thrilling in Morocco?

Here are some major and minor glimpses of the activities and destinations in Morocco to visit. Here is what you need to know:

Marrakech, Full Of New Energies Welcomes You Again In 2020:

Did you ever go to Marrakech? No? You should. 2020 is the year to get to Marrakech and take the opportunity to have the right experiences there. When I was in Marrakech for the first time. Everything there was strange for me and at the same time, a very friendly environment has been created by the Hosts there and made my trip the wonderful experience of my life.

What makes your experience special in Marrakech is a wonderful visit to Djema el Fna, the most popular market place in the town. I have been told by my guide that this place was once a place to execute the prisoners but now, no one can believe that to see the charms and lights on the place.

We sat on the famous restaurant, Café de France and gulped there the local traditional dishes along with the rich views of the Djema el Fna from the terrace. That made us visit the market and take some more original experiences by bargaining and buying the handmade cultural decorations and some clothes.

What you will not miss there is to have the Lamb Tagine to eat with bread or rice, it’s your choice. You will order the traditional mint tea after you are done with your meal.

Agadir, With Its Heavenly Beaches And Ancient Cafes:

It is a wonderful place to visit in 2020 for the writers, thinkers and artists especially. Not only for the selective people, but Agadir is for every traveller.

Because I’m going to tell you about my experiences there. Get some fruit and vegetables in Souk el had of Agadir, it would impact something different in your travel. When I visit Agadir now, it is a must to do fun activity of mine there.

You should not miss visiting Agadir Oufella, a place to witness the ruins. Medina in Agadir would also embrace your trip with some unique experiences. I hope your trip brings some great memories from Morocco as I’m still having and sharing with you.

The real attraction of Agadir is its heavenly beaches to balk and take the warm waves of the sun there. It is the most soothing and relaxing activity a traveller can have in Agadir. So pack your beach suit and other kits to take the full pleasures.

Sit on the Cafes of the ancient times with your local friends to have authentic experiences there. Agadir is also very famous for its café culture.

Things To Do In Chefchaouen In 2020:

Let’s take the opportunity to explore another wonder of Morocco Chefchaouen. This city of Morocco is famous as the blue gem of the country and the most famous attraction is its blue colour.

The whole city is painted blue, not even a single plant pot is left behind. So this amazing thing have some fact to find. Get there to find the answer and take some memorable pictures of yours with the blue walls and flowery stairs, streets there.

Take some more memorable moments by sitting on the terraces of the juice centers, grab some fresh juice and overview the beauties of the blue city, it will amaze your experience I’m very sure.

What left behind? Yes, keep in mind, there mostly people are addicted of the Hashish so you will smell most of the time in most of the places. It is normal there.

Don’t forget the lesson, always be pleasant to the locals, they will respond to you with the same gratitude. Bridge the cultural gaps to be like the locals, they will give you more space to their land, make them your friends, you can explore the holiday destination now with more fun.

The Last But Not The Least, The Sahara Desert In 2020:

It shines like gold when the sun rays fall on the particles of sand in the Sahara. I visited two times and had perfect memories over there.

You have a chance to get the ultimate pleasures of the desert in 2020. Activities there would be to eat in the special settings outside under the sky full of stars, have a bonfire, music and dance experience and have a lot of daytime activities. The Sahara Desert in Morocco welcomes you this year to complete your travel with shining memories.

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