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Are You Thinking Of Creating Your Own Free Ecommerce Software?


The idea of creating a free ecommerce software seems lucrative and is merely an easier task when chosen as an ideal platform that not only fits into your budget but also provides every feature or at least caters to your custom requirement or at least provides a provision for modification at your own end. There are many platforms that serve customer services at high prices. For example, cs cart development and customer services work for the credit points they sell to the store owners for avail of any such services.

Are You Thinking Of Creating Your Own Free Ecommerce Software

CS cart is one such platform that literally has nothing to offer in the freemium version and the features which are essential are available in the “Pro” state. Many of the addons are payable and might also display compatibility issues with the current existing either the system configuration or marketplace in development. Hence, again a lot of money might go in CS Cart development from third-party developers. A platform like CS-cart also does not even provide many features to be workable on the mobile site. Moreover, there is a lack of integrations available for delivery by seller and payment methods. So a store owner has to pay some third-party developers to get these functionalities operational.

There are other platforms like BigCommerce which keeps on increasing its maintenance and upgradation, and subscription charge, that too monthly, based on the influx appearing on the marketplace, irrespective of the fact whether they make a purchase or not. A platform like Shopify puts the limit on the number of products to be uploaded based on the subscription taken. In fact, Shopify doesn’t support the multi-vendor genre of the online marketplace at any level.

Hence, the third-party development team has to be recruited or dealt to get this capability embedded in the marketplace. So, the question is which is the ideal marketplace development platform to create the best shopping cart software.

Sellacious, the ultimate free eCommerce software development platform has to offer more than 5000 features that are potentially viable for your marketplace to get higher returns on investments. With an easy to use template editor which has been engaged with drag and drop capability let the store owners create their own storefront using the template available either for free or for a pitty small amount. Sellacious has to offer more than nine templates which are handcrafted keeping in mind the PWA compliance guidelines and catering to multiple business use cases. The features can be easily installed and enabled or disabled using the switches. The changes could be previewed before making them published on the live site. You as a store owner can also create multiple child stores and operated all of them through a single point of sale. Omnichannel marketplaces could be easily created using this platform. With social media integrations and connectivity with direct syncing of the social media marketplaces with this web, the store could really save your time and provide synchronization among all the points of sale. YOu as a store owner could create a fully functional multi-vendor marketplace either b2b or b2c, or c2c besides a niche marketplace without any hassle. WIth Sellacious you can upload as many products as you want, create variant, sub-categories, and categories, create rules for tax and discounts, shipment charges, packaging, rating and review columns, products on auctions, decide on the payment methods and the product and banks eligible to be bought on EMI and serve the source of providing EMIs respectively, and much more.

With Sellacious, you can enroll sellers across oceans and receive payments automatically from them as a commission charge on every transaction made. Sellers can get advance seller permissions from admin and decide upon their own selling rules. Payouts can be schedules or claimed by sellers and automatic payouts can be made possible with Sellacious extensions available. To attract customers overseas the seller can engage the buyers by enabling translation module letting the local customer read the content over the site in their native language. There are more than 65 payment methods available for the convenience of the customer. With trimming of the checkout process once the user is logged in and automatic email and advertisement display to the customer engaging them to make up their mind could really help in getting the conversion done into leads and handle cart abandonment.

The customer support team of Sellacious is all ready to entertain all of your plugin development or technical assistance requirements round the clock and we assure that this journey of creating and earning profits would become ease when using Sellacious.

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