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Tips On How You Can Properly Store Your Makeup Items


Let me tell you how bad it could be for your skin and hair if you don’t store your cosmetic products in a proper way. Also, it’s not only about the side effects that you might have to suffer from, it’s about the wastage of money as well. Many of us are not even aware of the damage and we keep using cosmetics that were kept without proper care. But if you want to make sure that your money gets utilized to the max on your cosmetics and they don’t cause you any harm, then it’s your lucky day! The harm I’m talking about is, of course, related to the skin where the makeup is to be applied. Let’s discuss some points to let you know how it affects our skin health and how you can store your makeup products to prevent this from happening.

Tips On How You Can Properly Store Your Makeup Items

1. Sunlight And Heat Are Just Too Bad

Many women take their makeup items with them, anywhere. They go out to party, college, work, etc. and they do have a few items in their bags for quick touch ups when needed. The worst thing that someone can do in this case is to keep the items directly in the bag. Bags are not insulators or something that would save the heat from the sun from penetrating to the actual formula. Heat can cause chemical reactions in the makeup product which will definitely change the whole chemical structure of it and become toxic. If you apply that to your skin, how can you expect your skin health to be okay? Make sure that you keep them in a cool place while carrying them like a proper makeup box.

2. Humidity

Not only moisture or humidity can ruin your makeup but also make it toxic and unusable. This is exactly why you should stop keeping your cosmetics out of the bathroom. Don’t keep them anywhere near your bathroom counter as well because that’s a highly humid place for a makeup product. Instead, consider putting them back to a dry and secured place like your dressing table’s drawers. Oh and try not to go out with your makeup products in your bag if the weather is humid or rainy. It will damage your products and you or your skin won’t be happy with it. Mostly, moisture affects beauty products that are creamy or liquid. But make sure that you keep the dry makeup out of moisture as well to prevent any risks.

3. For Ideal Storage Of Makeup At Home – Make Sections In Your Drawer

I highly recommend that you do not store your makeup over your dressing table (open). You have to make sure that your makeup items are as secured as you can. No humidity, sunlight, or heat should affect it. But do you think that only these are a few factors that are problematic? How can you forget about dust? Yep, that can greatly cause havoc so you promise me that you’ll keep the items in your drawers and not outside of them. Plus, make customized sections in your drawer so you could organize the items really well. This will help you quickly know where your particular item is placed and you can access it much easily. Helpful isn’t it?

4. Keep Them In Their Boxes For More Safety

There are a few items like lipsticks, foundations, nail polish, etc. that need to be properly taken care of. You can’t leave them on the table. What if they trip off of it and break? Oh hell no! Money wasted! This is why you should consider not dumping the boxes that your products come in. Let’s say that you got a new lipstick, then make sure that you keep the lipstick packaging box and after using the lipstick, just put it back into them. The lipstick packaging boxes, if made by a high-grade company like Dawn Printing, are made up of high-quality materials that promise to save the lipstick in them from breaking, damaging, or getting offended by climate changes. This is how amazing it is to not throw these majestic boxes into the dust bin!

5. Do This If The Makeup Says (Store in a cool place)

Many items ask you that you keep them in a cool place. If it’s winters, then it’s okay. But what if it’s summer time? The formula in the makeup will get damaged and may cause it to become contaminated. Then you can’t use it. If you have such a product, then use your refrigerator to keep it cool. Really!


Taking care of your skin health is highly important especially when you’re thinking of using cosmetics. They are full of chemicals this is why if the formula is altered, it would become super toxic and you will be vulnerable to skin diseases. This is why you must know how to properly keep your makeup products so they could be out of all danger. Plus, storing them properly can also help you in accessing them easily.


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