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8 Beautiful Garden Ideas Inspired by the World’s Best Gardens


A garden is never complete – it is ‘the creation’ evolving amid seasons and years. Gardener’s experienced hands are well-versed with this reality and thus enjoy the landscape’s transient attributes. With the change of season, variants of plants become the showstopper in a gardener’s paradise. Gardening is an art. It is a relationship that grows with the time between the garden and the gardener!

If one desires to plan a venture from life’s dreariness, gardens cater to the tranquillity. You definitely will feel re-energized whenever you hear about any garden. The very name ‘garden’ reverberates with energy and positive vibes. It is the place where you ought to find peace while being surrounded by Mother Nature. Irrespective of any time, you will always be embraced with the serene hands of the lush green garden. These are mainly the creation of us humans, and below eight beautiful garden ideas, as inspired by the world’s best gardens discussed, laced with subtle detailing. From the northwest botanical garden in the world to your own –given in the platter a luxuriant reserve to cater to everybody’s taste!

Domestic gardens

The concept of a domestic garden is just as beautiful as the outside parks. They vibrate with color, freshness, and life, and all credit goes to the person behind the creation. The Creator takes a call on the plant choices and their prime significance in this sort of garden. This type of beautiful garden depends upon the right sunlight and water, along with the correct placement of the plants and saplings. Replicating one of the famous terrace gardens of a New York boutique hotel named The Mckrittick Hotel, you can transform your terrace. The whole creativity depends upon the Creator himself, and others inclined towards the same can get useful motivational notions from the domestic gardens.

Definitive gardens with the most delicate flair

One can always transform their well-spaced out open zone, inspired by the world’s best gardens’ designs. Bordering it with various trees and shrubs, you can keep it simple, yet impressive in appearance. Plan to replicate the LLaunudno Garden of North Wales. If you have ample space, get the same surrounded with a walled garden, lily-ponds, natural limestone boulders, foliage or else just a rose garden. This final design for your garden will add-on the most delicate flair of one of the world’s best patio.

Definitive gardens with the most delicate flair


Garden with a small fountain

Key West garden, Florida has the soothing lush green oasis filled with various floras and faunas. Replicating that you can also make a make-shift gazebo, a small lily-pad pond, swimming pool or just a small fountain! You can let your mind and body loose in the serene beauty of your creation. By taking ideas from one of the world’s best gardens, you can be the proud owner of the same!

An assortment of planters

An assortment of planters

Located in the Balinese jungle and overlooking the Ayung River, the Hanging Gardens of Bali has inspired many hotels and resorts, all over the world. The garden is mainly a domain of coffee and cocoa trees, along with colorful orchids. If the climate and area assist you all-through, you too can create a replica of the same. And, if you have less space, then go for an assortment of planters of different colors. Orchids can be the cynosure amongst them, casting a magic spell in the whole environment.

Water pumps ministered garden

Planned by 18th-century landscape designer Humphrey Repton, this stunning garden with a water cascade can be found in Ston Easton Park Hotel, Somerset, England. But then, you can easily replicate the same with the aid of water pumps. Try to decorate the garden traditionally to give it a retro outlook. Your creation can be your guests’ beautiful place for taking a tour!

A walled garden

A walled garden

How about a walled garden, as the concealed one found in Los Angeles, California? California’s Hotel Bel-Air is the gardeners’ paradise with its picturesque human-made lake and beautifully trimmed shrubberies. Transform your open space is somewhat like the same. Trim your shrubs intricately, while keeping the leaves intact. Plan for the stone fountain at one corner, if not a human-made lake! Plan to cover the walls with climbers, as they are zero-maintenance ones, with a lot of vibrant greens.

Treehouse garden

Treehouse garden

The charming Japanese-style garden, attracting tourists from all over the world, can also be yours one day. Kids would love playing, while you can relax and rejuvenate the whole – day sitting amid your creation. Add a small tree-house, like some of the Japanese gardens, ornamenting it with lanterns and hammocks. If having no financial constraint, then customized slides and swings can also be a good option. Amidst the greenery, your creation will resonate with happiness and laughter, while imitating one of the world’s best garden.

A well-illuminated garden

One of the well-known boutique hotels in Morrocco, named Dar al Houssoun features several rarest and most unique foliage in the world, with over 900 plant variants. Situated in a place called Taroudant, this garden can be the apt inspirational one for your creation. The highlight assortments of aloes, agaves, opuntia, and cacti, you can arrange outdoor ceiling lights. They will help to accentuate the whole landscaping that you have created, and also be a small replica of the garden as mentioned earlier in Morrocco.

A home minus an attractive garden is like a body minus soul! A garden add-on to be the completing factor of any home. It is not only for avid nature-lovers but is for everybody breathing. A garden stated to be Mother Nature’s magical way of promising God’s presence. The above-cited unique ideas will not only instill the tranquillity but also showcase the Creator’s creation far and wide.

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