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Process of Designing an Attractive and Functional Website


Creating a website is a step by step process where your ultimate goal is to generate an attractive, functional, user-friendly and responsive website. Most of the users leave your website if the elements, as mentioned above, are not there on your website, and they find the design and layout unattractive. Here are some steps covering all the aspects of designing a website;

Process of Designing an Attractive and Functional Website

Clearly Define Your Website Approach

First, the essential thing is that you have to be clear what is the approach of your website and how you are focusing on content strategy. What are your particular selling points, and how you will cash these to build a sharp image by designing a perfect website? Website design is interlinked to your brand, so it should be engaging and authentic.

Once you are clear about your approach, then the next step is the action plan that what do you want to approach. The primary purpose of every business is to maximize or drive sales. For this purpose, the lending page of every website should be designed around your products and services to attract and engage your clients.

Proper Research

Proper and thorough research is fundamental about the latest trends of website designing as well as which one is best suitable for you. You have to follow the current trends, but always keep in mind the objectives and approach of your website.

Selecting the right Platform

Choosing the right platform according to availabilities and requirements of your website, helps you to design a website for maximum outputs efficiently.

Template / Theme

A template is a design or structure of the website to make an overall attractive appearance. Templates are usually categorized according to the industry, and you can choose the best one from available options to give an attractive and best look to your website. Different platforms give you options from where you can select.

Keep in Mind your Brand while Designing

Now practically, it’s time to design your website. While designing, keep in mind your brand that how you have to link your design elements with your brand like font, color scheme, story of your brand through strong images. It’s essential to make an attractive design because it linked to your brand and gives the message to your potential users.

Content optimization

Now the next step is placement and optimization of the content. Positioning is actually where your content should be placed on each page and how it’s laid out. Optimization refers to the process of modification of content to get high ranking in search engines. Inter Links, meta tags, mobile responsiveness, Image Alt Text all these elements help in this perspective.

Publish your website

Now, after your efforts, it’s time to go live. Before this, you have to check that all your links are working correctly, Perfect loading speed, engaging content well, as is your website mobile-friendly. Checking all these elements is very important before publishing because the first impression is the last, and there is a big competition in the online world so make sure the reliability and accuracy of your website.


It’s not the end of website designing. Proper analysis is essential to check page views, bounce rates, and conversion rates. It will help to update and improve your website. You can take professional help for maximum outputs.

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