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7 Interesting Works That You Can Do While Traveling


There are two types of people: those who love exploring the world and those who are comfortable staying put in one location. The latter find it easy to secure jobs as opposed to the former. However, travel fanatics can still find exciting jobs that do not require them to commit to staying in one location. If you fall under this group of free-spirited individuals, here are seven exciting jobs that allow you to work remotely.

7 Interesting Work That You Can Do While Traveling

1. Tour Guide

Tour guides are required to travel across expanses of land to help tourists explore a specific region. As a travel guide, you get to see different locations within a short time, especially if your client is highly adventurous. However, you need to match your client’s personality if you want to enjoy this job. To excel in this career, you have to be an outdoors person. In case you get employed by an international travel company, get ready to visit new places every so often.

2. Customer Service Agent

Many companies have welcomed the idea of hiring customer service agents remotely. Once you land this job, you can work from anywhere as long as your phone is on during the working hours. You also need to be techy-savvy since most of the inquiries are made through online live chat platforms. With a laptop and a secure internet connection, you will be good to go. This gives you ample time to discover the world and still ace at your job.

3. Air Travel Attendant

An air travel attendant is arguably one of the most exciting jobs to hold across the globe. And why is this? First of all, you get to travel without paying for the ticket. Secondly, you get to visit various destinations globally frequently. You could be in Italy today and France tomorrow. What’s more, you can opt to stay in your current location for a few days, tour the place then get back to work once you are relaxed. And even if you do not do this, you can take advantage of the few hours in between flights to visit a few malls before you resume work.

4. English Teacher Jobs

If you happen to be an English native, use that as leverage to find English teaching jobs in exotic regions. Many countries worldwide accept native English speakers to help others learn this language even when they don’t have a degree in English or a related field. However, in most cases, you have to undergo a TEFL test to ascertain that you are genuinely an English native. Once you pass the required tests, teaching English as a foreign language will become easy.

5. Writer

Writers are among the most liberal people alive, considering they work at any time and without any supervision. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on your projects and you are dealing directly with clients. You only need to have a steady internet connection and a functioning computer. You can create accounts on various writing sites on the internet and get clients quickly.

6. Aid Worker

Anyone passionate about helping people in distress, but still wants to travel, can register as an aid worker in one of the renowned NGO’s. Whenever there is a calamity, the organization will call you to give either voluntary or paid assistance. Also, it is not every time you will be requested to salvage dire situations. At times, you may be required to give health and general life education to less privileged people. Either way, you may have to travel across the world depending on where you may be posted.

7. Cruise Ship Worker

The good thing about cruise ship jobs is that they are plenty. Thanks to the fact that people travel in a ship for weeks or even months before they dock, one ship requires many professionals, ranging from chefs, cleaners, housekeepers, entertainers, waiters, engineers and many more. Most of the time, cruise ship owners hire professionals from internationally recognized agents. So, find yourself a job with one of these organizations and cross your fingers hoping that you will be posted on a ship. You can also express your interest to work on a cruise ship to the human resource manager.


You can easily earn a living as you travel the earth by signing up for job positions that do not have any locational commitments. English teachers, for instance, should check out English teaching jobs in Thailand without a degree to see how they can steer their careers to the next level. Before opting into such positions, however, individuals should see to it that they complete the necessary TEFL requirements.


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