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Tips for Improving User Experience to Boost SEO on A Website


Gone are the days when keyword structure was what you required to better in order to list on top search results, all you had to do was improve your keyword structure. Google has evolved and listing among the top search results has become harder due to competition from other sites.

Tips for Improving User Experience to Boost SEO on A Website

Despite the fact that most of us focused on improving keyword search and emerging at the top pages of the search results, the reality of the matter is that user experience otherwise referred to as UX plays a bigger role in your status on ranking.

What is UX?

This refers to how consumers interact with your website. Factors such as web design and form design influence how good your clients interact with your website.

User experience most of the time defines what the impression of the user is to your website or app based on how easy it is to use. Creating and improving UX creates a favorable platform for your clients to interact in.

When you improve your website UX, it reduces conflict between your website and your target audience. A good example would be, making the checkout process smooth which may attract a client to buying your products. Your clients don’t have to feel like they have to jump on handles to buy the products of their choice.

UX and usability in most cases relate. The main contrast for usability is the ease to operate, and on UX, the sole purpose is the visitor’s relation with the site.

The easy ways to distinguish the relationship between SEO and UX:

  • SEO aims search engines ranking you better or lower.
  • User experience targets your visitors on your site when they browse on your website go through your pages.
  • SEO works differently from Google ads as this is a completely free way to improve your search results without Google ads.

Tips to Get More Conversations and Improve User Experience

Have a proper understanding of how your visitors are clicking and navigating

One of the most effective ways of improving user experience is to comprehend the behavior of the user. you should know what your visitors do when they arrive on your website to get to know how to optimize for future clients visiting your site.

The best way to improve user experience is to understand user behavior. If you don’t know what people do when they arrive on your website, how can you optimize for future visitors? One was to understand this is to recruit users for usability testing just to get a glimpse of what your visitors will expect. Additionally, you may take a look at Askable which provides opportunities for a wide range of people to participate in many types of paid research to fit your needs.

Use Proper Headings

Headings often act as the roadmap to directing your visitors to the site via your content. People using search engines understand the ideology behind your website this way. The use of proper heading makes it easy for search engines and visitors to understand what your site entails.

Improve Site Navigation

As obvious as it may sound, many site owners ignore the priority of navigation when it comes to their sites which badly affects UX and SEO.

When it comes to menus of navigation, it is important to check out these useful tips:

  • Make your phone site’s navigation easy for visitors.
    Avoid awkward menu items
  • Consider putting in place a search section so your visitors can type anything they prefer or look for on your site
  • Also, consider limiting the number of menu items on navigation you have to boost the connection authority to your other contents on your site. Too many links on your navigation make it complicated for your other content to stand a chance in the top search results.

Improve Site Speed

The performance and speed of your site is always a ranking factor. Your webpage speed on loading impacts the general user experience. You can use different tools online to check the speed of your site.


There is no doubt that user experience impacts high on ranking your site. Google has over the years continued to advance and look into strategies on google ranking putting their main focus on how visitors access your website. All in all, you have to evaluate your site from a visitor’s point of view and focus group participants to understand and improve your site.


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