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7 Benefits Of A Real Estate Company When Investing In Turkish Property


Turkey is a hotbed for real estate investment. This results from various incentives including a chance to get a Turkish passport. There are immense real estate development and investment happening everywhere. When considering investing in property here, it is very important to entrust the services of a real estate company. Fortunately, the construction companies pay real estate companies not the buyer. Here are the benefits to buying Turkish property through a real estate company.

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Knowledge of real estate market

Turkish real estate is rapidly developing in various locations including Istanbul. Various suburbs are buzzing with new projects under construction and others ready for occupying. Some areas are growing much faster compared to others and it requires a professional to understand the trend. When interested in buying property here, it pays to know the credibility of the construction company. Some companies might offer attractive offers for projects under construction to lure uninformed buyers. A credible real estate company will guide you on the best projects to invest in with less risk.

Negotiating Property prices

The property prices depend on the stability of the Turkish Lira. Keep in mind that the Lira is variable to the US dollar when purchasing in foreign currency. This needs consideration, especially when paying for the property in installments that might take some years. The real estate consultant will act as your representative throughout the property purchase process. This will ensure that you get the best bargain offers to stretch your budget when acquiring Turkish property.

To invest in real estate in Istanbul Turkey, the consultant will negotiate with the sales representative on your behalf. This is a wonderful idea since the real estate consultant has immense knowledge of the local property market, the construction company, and the project. You will be sure to get the deal for your money. Trying your luck at negotiating on your own depends on luck. However, the chances of ending up with a bad deal due to lack of industry knowledge are high.

Pre-purchase services

Doing business in a foreign country where English is not the first language might require interpretation in some instances. This is essential when checking out potential real estate investment projects and when going about daily business in the new country. Fortunately, the real estate company will assist you through all this. All it will take you is coordinating with the consultant to take you on a tour of potential properties in Istanbul. The agent will also offer you a range of other pre-purchase services.

Answering all your questions

Investing in a foreign country comes with various things you might lack knowledge about. You are bound to have many questions that need answers. These might include how to get a family residence permit. Equally important is knowing how to get amenities including internet, water, electricity, gas, and furniture for your property.

There is a need to understand the local laws regarding property ownership and inheritance. The most significant reason for foreign investment in Turkish real estate is getting a Turkish passport. Therefore, you have to understand the regulations and suitability to qualify for citizenship by investment initiative. When you work with a reputable real estate company, you will get answers to all these questions.

Following-up payment of installments

When investing in high stake property, paying installments is a wonderful idea. This allows acquiring a property with the money you have at the moment and to make periodic payments until the total sum is covered. The real estate agent will help you ensure that all installment payments are appropriate in a timely manner. Additionally, the agent will help you keep abreast of any changes in the market including the fluctuation of the Lira.

Legal advice

A reputable real estate company usually has a specialized legal department to follow up on customers’ transactions. This will ensure that you avoid any bottlenecks that might arise and the contract terms are not broken. The legal assistance will also ensure that a property with a rental guarantee is stipulate accordingly. All contract terms should be complete and all rights of the parties need a guarantee. You will enjoy legal service freely from the real estate company during the property purchase process in Istanbul.

Access to other free services

It is risky to purchase property without professional assistance from a real estate company. Luckily, the property seller pays the costs for the company. Working with the real estate company will save you a significant amount of time. Finding your ideal property requires browsing available properties on their website to select that matching your preferences and matching your budget. You will always have peace of mind knowing that a team of professionals is holding your back throughout the process.

In conclusion

Investing in real estate is one of the best investment ideas out there. When done right and in the right location, there is huge potential to get good returns on your investment. Turkey has various locations including Istanbul with immense investment potential and a host of incentives for foreigners.


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