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5 Best Soundproofing Materials and Products Use To Make Soundproof Rooms


Are you bothered by the annoying noises coming from your neighborhood? And are you finding it difficult to sleep because of the honking of vehicles in your street? You can’t simply change your house or shut the whole street down, just because you are not comfortable with the outside noises.

Fortunately, there are plenty of soundproofing materials and products that you can use to prevent the situation. From doors, walls to windows, and air ducts, everything can be made soundproof. The article provides the list of useful soundproofing materials that you can use in your room.

5 Best Soundproofing Materials and Products Use To Make Soundproof Rooms

Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier

One of the best products for adding mass to your walls and ceilings without adding a layer of bulking is Mass-Loaded Vinyl. Vinyl is the key ingredient that provides insulation against sound. Although the synthetic material is fairly thin and mobile, it works best in adding a soundproofing layer in your room.

It can easily be used in soundproofing different air ducts, pipes, and window plugs. Though it has various applications and works great against noise cancellation, it is also expensive. Behind the curtains to under the carpets, it provides excellent insulation against noise if you ignore this one drawback.

Acoustic Mineral Wool Insulation

The best kind of soundproofing starts from within a room. Mineral wool insulation works best against sound insulation inside the walls and ceilings. Although the main purpose of the insulation is not to provide sound insulation, it is an effective way to prevent airflow through the surface.

If air can get through the walls, doors, and windows, so can sound. Generally, the place that allows air to move in or out is also responsible for noise coming inside your room. As most types of insulation consists of mass and adsorption materials, it tends to soundproof the surface of your wall and prevents air leakage.

If you want to have the maximum soundproofing against noises for your room, Mineral wool insulation is your best bet.

Soundproof Drywall

Soundproofing drywall is an efficient process that helps in preventing outside noises. It is most effective when used between two hard surfaces. As when the sound reaches one end of the drywall, it causes the panels to vibrate against the damping compound and prevents sound from getting through the walls.
It then converts the vibration into heat, and the noise doesn’t penetrate through the walls of your room. Although soundproofing drywalls are available in various thickness sizes, it is best to use thicker drywall when it comes to noise cancellation.

Acoustic Sealants

As mentioned earlier in the article, if air can pass through small cracks and fissures, so can sound. Often when you add a layer of drywall to your room, you might found cracks between two walls. These are usually located along the line of meeting points of walls and ceilings. And not just for the walls and ceilings, it can also be used in windows to air gaps usually develops.

So, when it comes to fissures, you must close them as soon as you see one. For complete soundproofing of a room, it is essential to end the process with reliable finishing sealants. Acoustic caulk works great in getting rid of small cracks for air passage.

Soundproofing Window kit

Noise is much harder to prevent if you are living around busy streets. It doesn’t always follow a particular path to breach your room. Even though you have used all the best soundproofing materials in your walls, it may still not be enough to reduce noise. When it comes to complete noise cancellation of the room, people often tend to forget soundproof their windows.

The best way to soundproof windows is to change your single-pane windows into a double-pane one using an acoustic-grade glass. There are two ways to do it. Either you can set it into a metal frame & drill the frame into the window, or you can attach it magnetically.

You can also get custom made acoustic windows Melbourne for noise cancellation if you want to avoid the hassle of window drilling and installation.


Whether you want complete sound cancellation or if it is related to a specific part of your room, there are various soundproofing products that you can use in your room. Based on your particular noise cancellation requirements, this article will help you select the best soundproofing material that suits your room.


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