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7 Backyard Retreat and Oasis Ideas


As wintertime (in some parts of the world) is slowly but surely coming to an end, homeowners are thinking about creative ways to revamp their backyards. Some will boost the fun factor, while others will opt for a more laidback approach that will turn their backyard into an oasis of tranquility.

7 Backyard Retreat and Oasis Ideas

If you’re among the latter, then you are probably wondering about possible improvements that will convert a backyard that has been disused for months into a cozy retreat. Search no more, as we present you 7 ideas that will help you spruce up your backyard this spring.

Glass doors and a house extension

A great way to make the backyard and the house appear bigger is to add an extension to the house. This new section of the house should resemble a greenhouse, as its walls should ideally be made from glass. Even if this is not the case, a sliding glass door will help connect the interior of the house to the outdoor living area. Of course, invest in shades and air-conditioning inside the house, as it will become unbearable to stay inside during the summer heat.

Boosting nature

The best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to sprucing up the backyard is to embrace nature and boost the effect it has. This implies restraining yourself from chopping down large-canopy trees as they provide the best shade possible out in the open.

Furthermore, you should add potted plants or decorative planters to the backyard. Use flowers of various colors to beautify the edges of gravel pathways and even consider growing a vegetable garden. If the outer walls of your property are dull, then adorn them with climbers like vines or even fern.

The importance of a good shade

Trees are excellent for creating a shade but you can hardly grow a tree on the house’s patio. For surface areas closer to the house an Eclipse opening roof is an excellent roofing option. It is both stylish and effective, especially during the summer months when you need extra protection from the sun but not at the cost of a clear view of the sky.

The delights of cooking outside

If you’re a fan of eating out, then you have the opportunity to completely rethink this concept. Namely, installing an outdoor kitchen is easier than you think because all you really need is an outdoor tap and a power socket. Once the burner and a sink are fitted into a casing, the party can start, quite literally.

Even homeowners who are not keen on backyard social gathering can benefit from an outdoor kitchen. It is easier to prepare food outside because you won’t have to fill the house from smoke coming from the grill. Furthermore, you turn food waste into manure for your vegetable garden in an instant.

Enjoying the backyard after dark

One of the improvements many homeowners skip or disregard is the lighting. Namely, if you have any wish to enjoy the backyard after sunset, you should invest in solid outdoor lighting. This can come in the form of solar-powered lights that would be placed in all four corners of the yard and along pathways or you can install multicolored LEDs that are ideal for garden parties. If you want your backyard to become a retreat and a safe haven, then be aware that strong lights after dark act as a deterrent to potential robbers.

A fridge can make all the difference

We’ve mentioned earlier how bringing a section of the kitchen outside can be quite convenient when it comes to preparing food but the same could be said for drinks as well. You would be surprised what difference a small fridge placed outside can make in your backyard!

Firstly, you won’t have to go inside every time you crave for a fizzy drink or a beer and secondly, the beverages will always be ice-cold, which is a life-saver in the summer. Throw in some ice and empty glassed in the fridge (literally), and you get the perfect combo for a lazy Sunday afternoon in the garden sipping on a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Introducing calming sounds in the backyard

No afternoon rest would be complete with a melodious piece of ambient music. Owning a garden means that you get to listen to the maestro Mother Nature live. For example, placing a birdhouse with a feeder will attract birds to your property and their twitter will lull you to sleep during the lazy summer days.

As far as “artificial” sounds are concerned, installing a fountain is always a good solution. After you connect the ready-made fountain to a water source, the sound of gurgling water will fill out the backyard to the joy of everybody and especially the kids.

A backyard is a real asset for every residential home. However, you must take active care of it by conversing it into a peaceful oasis that will help you unwind after a long day at work. Pick a sprucing up idea from the 6 listed above and start revamping your backyard today!

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