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5 Ways To Save Money on Web Hosting & Domain


Having an online presence is very important when it comes to business or blogging. A website is the first thing that customers search for after knowing about your business enterprise. Not having an online presence can have an adverse impact on your venture.

FAQs about Web Hosting

For having a website you need web hosting services that will provide you with all the requirements.

Before starting, let us make you familiar with web hosting and domain.

What is web hosting and domain?

Web hosting is a type of service that lets users post their website or web page on the internet. In this service, websites are stored on servers from where you or your users can access your website. When the internet users need to get to your website, all they need to do is type your web address or URL in the browser and that would land them on your web page.

Web hosting occurs when the files that help build a website are uploaded from a local computer to the web server. The resources of the server such as RAM, hard drive space, and bandwidth are allotted to the websites using it.

Domain – A domain is a group of words readable by humans because most of the websites are based on IP addresses (e.g. 111.222.333.444) which are in numerical form which does not make any sense to humans. Therefore a domain name (website name) is very important so that people can reach a website.

Although this can be pretty heavy on your pocket and leave a hole in it. That is why we have come with some tips to keep you from burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Shared Hosting – If you are new to the internet business or you have a small business, this hosting is the best for you. Shared hosting puts your website on a server shared by many other website owners that is why you also share the cost of maintenance.

Since you are not expecting very high web traffic, you can always choose it. It will save you a lot of money.

2. Purchase Domain Name – A domain name is very important. While creating a website, many service providers offer free domain registration may be for one year or so. You will have to renew your domain name after that, in case it is high, buying your permanent domain name is the best option as it saves lots of money in the long run.

3. Pay for what you need – Some hosts provide extra services for a few extra bucks with managed hosting. These services may include monitoring SEO, SMS notification, Sitelock, and backup, these are learnable skills and it won’t hurt your pocket if you could save some extra money.

Learning these skills can help you drop these services that you do not need.

4. Stick with your host – If you have found your desirable host, you should probably stick to them. Not jumping from one host to another may save you a large sum of money. Annual renewal for your services can prove to be a costly affair as the renewals do not have discounts.

It is best to buy their services for a longer period of time at once. If you choose to buy it for long then you can also get bigger discounts.

5. Purchase Your Plans During Special Offers – Just like any other business, hosting services also offer unbelievably insane deals during special days. There are times when you can get discounts up to almost 50% and above.

Follow these tips and you can save loads of money. Just be aware of scammers and falsehood. There are many hosting providers in Greece who also offer free domain registration when you purchase their services. You can go to their websites and choose from the plans they have. Also, if you want to get a plan for longer period of time, then you can ask for discounts.

We would suggest that you should do your research first and then go for any commitment. Before anything, analyze your needs and see what you really want and what can be left out. Don’t go on choosing the first one you see, do your research and analysis.

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