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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding


When planning your wedding, it is easy to think you can handle everything on your won. That could be true; however, mistakes are always inevitable even to the most meticulous human beings. Everyone yearns for a perfect wedding day. However, there are a lot of unseen problems that arise as the event takes place.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

Proper wedding plan etiquette starts the moment you put down your plans for the day. You are ranging from the cheese board and all the nitty-grits details about the wedding. However, the best way to go about it and ensure the smooth running of the day is to know what to avoid as you plan your wedding.

To counter these problems and minimize the possibility of going wrong, here are the four mistakes to avoid when planning for your wedding.

Having Plans Before Setting Budget Limits

If you chose a venue before setting your budget and finding out your financial parameters, you would be messing up. That is equivalent to shopping items without taking a glance at the price tags then crossing your fingers tight that it doesn’t exceed your budget. You will be taking chances. To your utter surprise, you might realize you would need to invite-only half the number of visitors to afford the venue or else get your honeymoon canceled. Therefore, you need to have a way to take care of these hurdles.

The budget, the guest list, and the venue should be treated as a priority in the preparation. With a clear budget, you define other options and make your decisions. Don’t forget to factor in charges that may occur due to overtime, photography, car hire services and famous wedding speeches. A professional wedding photographer is important to capture every moment. You can do a simple Google such as, “wedding photographer in Fort Lauderdale” to find the right photographer at the right price for you. With that, you will get the best experience for the big day.

Planning for The Weather

For any outdoor activity, the weather is the main factor to consider. Experiencing heavy rains on your wedding day isn’t ironic. You might hope it won’t happen as you plan your event. You might as well tightly cross your fingers, but you have no control over nature. You will need to factor in umbrellas and tents in preparation for the unforeseen circumstances.

It is advisable to reach the tent providers in advance and book your tent. You might be having a wedding at a peak season when tents are unavailable or when the weather starts looking iffy. Invest in your peace of mind by placing deposits with the tent providers six months before your wedding day. That will be a great plan if it rains.

Not Enquiring About the Legal Details

A wedding is a legal affair. It involves the signing of contracts. You will be busy with numerous activities to be met within a short duration. You might be in a rush virtually every day but remember to take care of the contracts. Before you sign the dotted line, ensure you understand all the information.

Also, you can ask someone to look at them on your behalf. Concerning legal matters, don’t forget the marriage license. Research on the rules and know what is expected of you.

Forgetting Your Partner

Often, a wedding may seem like a brides’ big day. It is not a wonder as girls grow being encouraged to dream about their wedding. Nonetheless, it takes two people for a marriage to happen in most instances. Therefore, it is worth that each partner takes part in the planning.

The special day is for both of you. It is not surprising that one partner might be interested in the plan than the other. But still, you can always ensure both of you pitch in. It is essential not only for both of you to have a say but also as a way of ensuring it is not only one of the partners doing the hard work.

Bottom line

Even if you have been planning your wedding for years, mistakes are bound to happen. Planning your wedding can be stressful. Therefore, at times it calls for you to seek a helping hand for experts in the area who will complete the monster. The main problem being the intensive works it needs. Also, it happens to be the first event you are preparing and with no experience. Perhaps this is where the professional’s event organizers should come in. Their role is vital.


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