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11 Things to Do In Spain on Vacation


Spain is a land where throughout the year the weather is beautifully warm but the people are warmer. Here life is always bustling, bubbling with infectious energy and joy. One of the brightest and sunniest countries of Europe, it is blessed with vibrant nature, history, culture, art, architecture, food and more. If you are looking for a fascinating and yet pretty affordable country to visit, Spain is where you need to be. With so much to see and enjoy, there is something for everyone. Here is a number of amazing things to do in Spain for your next vacation.

11 Things to Do In Spain on Vacation


1. Sunbathe In Its Breathtaking Beaches

Spain has a number of breathtaking beaches, with calm blue waters and white sand, big frothy waves, golden sands, rocky coves and beaches, and more. Some of the most popular beaches are CalaAgulla, Playa del Silencio, La Concha, Ses Illetes and Costa del Sol. There are several amazing serene beaches without the crowd of tourists as well, if you want some tranquility. Surrounded by green mountains, Playa De Gulpiyuri with its calm blue waters is a unique beach without a sea!

2. Learn About The Spanish History

Explore and learn about the rich history of Spain. Visit famous European and Moorish landmarks, Christian churches, chapels and cathedrals, historic castles and palaces to see the various cultural influences and religious that it has gone through. Take a tour through the amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites, which are beautifully preserved pages of history. Visit the brilliant museums for an educational experience.

3. Admire The Rich Art And Architecture

Witness the grandeur of Spanish architecture, which, owing to its history, exhibits a stunning mélange of various cultural influences, such as Roman, Moorish, Visigoth, Baroque, Renaissance and more till we reach the various modern influences. This is a sight to behold! Spain also boasts of a rich contribution to the field of art with eminent names such as Antonio Gaudi, Pablo Picasso, Salvadore Dali.

4. Enjoy The Bustling Cities

The cities of Spain are bustling with vibrant life. From stunning ancient architecture to the most modern constructions, from clean and beautiful cityscapes to dream like landscapes, the cities of Spain are absolutely fascinating. You can simply spend hours walking around the streets of Spain and exploring its hidden gems.

5. Experience the stunning nature

If you want to escape civilization, Spain has a rich bounty of nature for you. Go hiking in the beautiful mountain trails, admire adorable waterfalls, sit by the tranquil lakes for hours, and enjoy the soothing lush green views. Head over to the National parks of Ordesa, Timanfaya, Monfrague, and enjoy the rich Spanish biodiversity. Explore the caves of Mallorca, marvel at its beautiful formations and swim inside the underwater caves for a memorable experience.

6. Explore The Unique Culture

The culture of Spain is warm, vibrant, exciting and filled with a unique joie de vivre, which enchants every traveler. Listen to the beautiful Spanish music, watch a Flamenco show or even take a class for a fun experience. Football is a major part of Spanish culture, of which Barcelona and Madrid are the major hubs.

7. Taste Delicious Food

Spanish food is absolutely gorgeous. While tapas, paella and chorizo are already well known, they have a number of lip smacking dishes to try out. Made with a variety of vegetables, meats, and spices, Spanish cuisine is delicious. While seafood here is to die for, there are several vegetarian and vegan options as well. Round of a sumptuous meal with some delectable desserts and you are all set!

8. Attend A Spanish Festival

Spanish festivals are absolutely epic! With their vibrant colors, fun music, and all that extravagant flair, they draw hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. The most popular ones to attend are La Tomatina, Feria De Abril, Las Fallas De Valencia Festa Major De Gracia, Benicassim Festival, and a number of amazing carnivals held in different cities of the country. Plan in advance because hotels and tickets are sold out quickly.

9. Travel Hard And Party Harder

If partying and livin’ la vidaloca is your aim, Spain is just the right kind of place for that. Do head over to the party capital of Spain, Ibiza for incredible nightlife. They have the best bars, pubs and nightclubs, along with fabulous open air parties, pool parties, beach parties and boat parties that you can attend. The city also hosts a number of huge parties on special occasions, which are absolutely mind blowing!

10. Shop Till You Drop

No trip can be complete without shopping. Visit the various local and flea markets in the major cities and you can pick up some of the most amazing Spanish traditional items, trinkets, clothes, artifacts etc for souvenirs. You can also find a number of high end branded items such as designer couture and accessories at cheaper prices here owing to low duties.

11. Experience Intense Adrenaline Rush

Spain has amazing options for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. There are a number of amazing hiking, biking, climbing, surfing, skiing opportunities of different difficulty levels. However if you want to experience the biggest adventure the country has to offer, opt for El Caminito del Re hike. A 3-kilometer long trail of 1-meter wide width, it runs along the vertical mountains, 100 meters above the steep gorge.

12. Attend A Rejuvenating Yoga retreat

In Spain yoga retreats are the best way to lose some holiday weight. Let go of all stress, deep clean and heal your body. You can choose from a variety of places such as bustling cities, secluded forests, and gorgeous private beaches, tranquil mountains etc for the location of your retreat. They have great yoga teacher training programs as well, if you are looking for an international certification to add to your resume.

Therefore, to come to a conclusion…

Spain is one of the most affordable countries for tourists, offering a wide range of choices to pick from, depending on the budget. Whether you are looking for a solo trip, or a party with friends, a romantic honeymoon or a fun trip with a large family, book yourself a vacation in Spain for an ultimate experience.


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