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Types of Internet Marketing for Those Who Want to Start Online Business


Online business depends a lot on internet marketing skills. After all, everything is virtual now and you need to show your presence there to catch attention. It is impossible to escape the need of internet marketing for an online businessperson. Whatever is your field e-commerce, software development, web designing, virtual assistance, etc. internet marketing is necessary.

Types of internet marketing for those who want to start online business

By learning its different types, you can win the attention of the crowd online. Also, not much investment is required and you can do them with a small amount of money. Before you start the business, it is advisable to know the online promotion methods for better exposure to the world out there. Here are the types

Social media marketing

This type of marketing is all about attaining sales and customers through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
There are two types of social media marketing – (1) Organic (free) (2) Paid

(1) Organic social media marketing – Focuses on building a community for a better relationship with the consumers and gain customer loyalty.

(2) Paid marketing – As the name is sufficient to give the idea, this type is about doing paid promotions. The factors of time, day and occasion matter a lot in the cost factor.


Search Engine Optimisation

This is known to many. Abbreviated as SEO, this technique works to improve ranking of the websites and digital content on the search engines. This helps you maximise the number of visitors, which brings more traffic on a website or webpage and in turn business.

It has two types –

On page SEO – Optimising your website comes in this category

Off page SEO – When you try methods to target keywords outside of your website

‘Keywords’ are the prime keys of SEO and hitting the right keyword is the only way to make bigger crowd notice your business. These are basically the words that are in search by most of the people. Key phrases are also part of the SEO, they are longer than the keywords. For instance – if your business is of selling software for security systems, one of the common keywords can be ‘security system software for schools’ etc. Find out the keywords and phrases popular in your business and hit them strong to get customers.


Content marketing

This is known and ubiquitous for its unavoidable importance. It is all about creating and promoting relevant online content to attract the target market and convert them into customers.

Types of content are –

  • Blog
  • Videos (on social media platforms like You Tuber, Facebook etc.)
  • Infographics
  • Industry reports and studies
  • Case studies
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Emails

You can choose any or all types of content depending on type and need of your business.


Influencer marketing

The influencer marketing is about working with the celebrities and popular people to promote your product or service.

This type of marketing needs to connect with different types of influencers, for instance –

  • Mainstream Celebrities like Angelina Jolie
  • Industry Experts for instance internet marketing expert like Neil Patel
  • Niche Celebrities like Tennis player Maria Sharapova
  • Micro Influencers with less than 100,000 followers for instance the environmentalist Elizabeth Couse.


Paid advertising

This is a paid method in which the advertiser pays to place the advertisements on online platforms. This includes search engines and social media or other online platforms. Nowadays, paid advertising is often called as PPC, which stands for ‘pay-per-click’. Every time a visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser pays for that click. This is an expensive method and need a bit big investment of money.

In case you feel any scarcity of money, you can either try the other free or low cost marketing methods or can borrow funds. The latter suggestion of borrowing funds came into picture because internet marketing beautifully relates to those who do work from home. In fact, online business is quite close to the desire of earning while sitting at your place only.
There are borrowing options like doorstep funding that provide you funds right at your home. Yes, for the doorstep loans there is no bank account needed but that does not restrict their beneficiary list. Anyone with bank account or without bank account can get funds through these loans.



The above types can surely help you have a good rank on the internet and finally secure a good amount of customers. So get ready and say get set go with your favourite internet marketing method to start your very own online business. ALL THE BEST!!


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