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10 Tips to Decorate Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of the room. However it is often ignored in term of designing. By paying a little attention you can turn your bathroom into something to be admired for. It can be easily decorated to come across as style statement. It is not about doing the large scale things, the details lie in smaller things. Here are 10 tips you can use to successfully transform your bathroom in one of the most calming and beautiful room of the house.

10 Tips to Decorate Your Bathroom

1. Light it up

The first thing you should pay attention on while redecorating bathroom is lighting. Good lighting can enhance the beauty of your bathroom quite a bit. You should pay extra attention while lighting the area around bathtub, showering area, and mirror above the basins. Lighting them in subtle way instead of direct lighting gave them an elegant look. For instance, go for bight beading around your vanity mirror. You can also use three way lightning which can be dimmed or brightened up depending on the mood of the person. PIR sensors are also becoming hugely popular now a day for their current usability and current consumption. They can automatically detect the presence of a person when someone steps in and get turned on and off accordingly.

2. Storage area

One kind of bathroom that can be off putting at once is messy ones. A bathroom organized properly looks great. You should avoid putting vanity unit or storage unit on floor. Instead you can suspend them from ceilings or walls. Not everyone enjoy the luxury of having large bathroom, so in case of small luxury bathrooms, you should consider recessed wall storage and cover it up with sliding golden or copper toned glass door which can be utilized as bathroom mirror as well as cabinet door saving you a lot of space.

3. Bath Tub

Bath tub are popular since early centuries. In the recent years they have seen a tremendous transformation in terms of design and usability. They are available in lot of designs and color. You can choose one depending on your theme and budget. You can go for vintage model if you are trying to give your bathroom a vintage feel, or opt for a cute design if you are going for cozy look. For giving it more charmed look, you can place a wooden bath tub tray across the tub to add more functionality to your bathtub. Place some scented candles and your favorite drink and have a relaxing bath.

4. Wash Basin

One of the most popular trends of the recent years that is continually on the rise is double basin. If you have enough space in your bathroom you can set matching his and her basin to give a royal touch. They are extremely popular and now a day can be seen in hotels and commercial presidential suites. Double basin also allows you to have additional double storage area as well as double the elegant look of the space. If you have small space bathroom, don’t worry. There are wall mounted basins available in market in various designs for you to choose one.

5. Concealed Cistern

For the chic look of the bathroom, instead of having the traditional cistern, you can opt for foe mounting it on the wall. However mounting the cistern on the wall requires special plumbing techniques. It might cost you a little more during the installation but once installed as per manufacturer guidelines, these concealed cisterns provide an alluring effect to a chic cotemporary bathroom makeover. An added benefit of these hidden christens are they came with anti bacterial automatic flush system which offers hygiene and safety as first priority. So, if you don’t want to compromise on design and hygiene here you go.

6. Showering Cubicle

Earlier showering cubicle meant a single large head traditional shower, but with changing times they have evolved a lot. Now you can turn your showering cubicle into piece of art with right accessories. There are multiple designs available for you to choose. For instance from rain water showerheads to multiple water inlets mounted along the walls are perfect for therapeutic feeling as well as refreshing bath.

7. Tiles

If you are tired of seeing bathroom in the same old monotonous color, and want to spice thing up a little bit, color tiles are the easiest solution for you. Let your creativity runs wild and play with various shades and colors before choosing one. If you want to go for a more daring and bolder approach tiles with beautiful design and pattern are also available in market, for you to choose according to your taste.

8. Mirroring the Wall

When we hear the word mirror in the bathroom, we naturally thought of mirror above basin area. However you don’t have to restrict yourself to only putting mirror above basins. You can go for innovative idea of having ceiling to the floor mirror and giving your bathroom illusion of being bigger than it is already. As mirrors are great on reflecting lights, they will also provide an added benefit of brightening the room. If you have little space in your bathroom you can also go for slide in door with mirror on insides, they will help you in saving space as well as make it look larger and brighter.

9. Cozy Rug

Rugs are one of the essential accessories to have in and outside of the bathroom. By putting a rug just outside the door of the bathroom, you can prevent water droplets to spread throughout the room. You can also put a rug inside the bathroom to keep your bathroom dry and help you keep your feet warm. You choose from a variety of rugs available in the market, one that compliment your taste and décor along with your personality.

10. Shutter Windows

Although not everyone is lucky to have a bathroom with window. If you have such space, place your bathtub near window. Instead of using traditional blinds opt for a shuttered window to create a modern look. It provides you the option of opening it from time to time allowing natural light to enter your bathroom.


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