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What to Do If You’re Involved in A Motor Accident While at Work?


If you drive a motor vehicle for a living, then accidents are an expected incident. However, most people are not aware of what needs to be done if they happen to meet an accident while working. Here’s what you need to do…

What to Do If Youre Involved in A Motor Accident While at Work

Check Yourself for Serious Injuries, And Consult A Doctor Immediately

Sometimes, when you’re involved in a motor accident, the adrenaline rush tends to help us ignore certain wounds and injuries. This is especially true if you happen to have passengers with you, and your attention is diverted by their injuries. However, it’s vital that you first take care of yourself, and then looking to any other injuries, as well as the damage of the vehicle. If you’re able to, check on the other party involved in the accident to make sure they are not in danger as well.

Contact the Police

Be calm and contact the police; even if it is a minor accident. This will not only ensure that you have written a complaint (which will come useful to you later), but also ensured that the other party cannot later claim bigger damages than what actually happened.

Be Very Mindful About Taking Pictures of All Injuries and Damages

Since this is a company vehicle, and you are injured while working for the company, take the time to clearly photograph every injury and damage to the vehicle. If possible, do the same for the other party as well. These photographs will be very useful when claiming your TAC, so be sure to take clear photographs.

Take Note of Details of Persons Involved in The Accident

We suggest calling the police even if the injuries or damages are not large. However, if the other party is not willing to wait for you to see this through, take all related pictures, then note down their name and contact number so that they can be contacted at a later date. Let them know it’s about getting your claim, and they will surely be cooperative. At a later date, file a complaint with the police in regards to the accident, so that it helps your TAC.

Keep A Record of All Medical Treatments and Request A TAC Certificate of Capacity from Your Doctor

Apart from taking clear photograph for evidence, it’s also vital that you keep a record of all medical treatments that you received for this particular injury. Since you know you’re going to claiming TAC compensation from your employers, it’s also best requesting a TAC certificate of capacity from your doctor. Of course, this can be handles at a later date as well, but things will be less complicated for you if you see to this while it’s still fresh in the minds of the doctors.

Contact Your Employer and Lodge A Complain In Regards To The Accident

When you’re capable, contact your employer and lodge a complaint formally in regards to the accident. However, take care not to delay this for too long. if required, consider hiring legal aid to ensure you are going through this procedure the right way. Compensation is your right, so do not hesitate to fight for it.

Attend to Your Wounds and Recover A Hundred Percent

Finally, relax your mind, let go of your stress and recover a hundred percent. Do not let your employers bully you into coming to work before you’re ready for it. Some motor accidents, though small, can be traumatizing. Make sure you’re capable of driving once more before rejoining your job.

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