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What Do You Need to Learn about Corrugated Boxes?


If you are a company looking for packaging ideas, you might have come across the term of ‘corrugated sheets’ – but what are they exactly? Before we learn in-depth, we need to know the basic difference between corrugated and cardboard box.

What Do You Need to Learn about Corrugated Boxes

A Cardboard box is a one layered packaging box that is used mainly for lighter items like a pizza box, or for medicines etc. it does not provide a lot of safety or cost reduction, but can be used for packaging non-fragile items.

A corrugated box has 3 layers – an inside layer and an outside layer and in between them both a flute layer is sandwiched in between them. This is a protective and cushioning layer which makes sure your products are safe. There are 6 types of Corrugated Flutes:

  1. A-flute: 4.7mm thick which has the best strength for stacking
  2. B-flute: 2.5mm thick, resists being punctured
  3. C-flute: 3.6mm, can do both
  4. E-flute: 1.5mm, for lighter materials only
  5. BC flute: Combination of B and C flute, provides extra stacking strength where needed
  6. AC flute: Combination of A and C flute, provides strength when needed

Different Styles of Boxes:

  1. Slotted Boxes – Has a single piece, with which another manufacturer’s joint is attached and has two flaps, one on top and one on the bottom. They are ready to use types, and the flaps just need to be closed. These types are the ones used most commonly.
  2. Half-slotted: These are the same as above
  3. Telescope box: Has multiple pieces and has a top lid or bottom covering over the box.
  4. Folder box: One piece, with bottom attached to create walls. Tabs, panels or handles may be added in a few variations if needed. One piece is folded onto another one that is fixed or held tightly at the bottom.
  5. Slide boxes: Has multiple pieces, which can slide in any direction they need to be.
  6. Folding up pads: These can be increased in required number, and are usually attached as one piece.

Pros of using Corrugated boxes:

  1. Cheaper in cost, as compared to cartons
  2. Environmental friendly
  3. Lighter in weight and easier to transport too
  4. Provides more protection as compared to using a lighter cardboard
  5. Puncture resistant due to corrugation flute
  6. Provides more strength and durability
  7. Can be stacked better without damaging the inside contents.


So, whether you want to use any type of packaging, you need to assess a few factors like what type of material you are transporting, the method of transporting and how packaging is going to be done. As compared to other, corrugated packaging provides a lot of value and helps to save fragile and delicate items too. If you are transporting a material that needs extra protection then you should use them. Also, carefully observe all the factors and then finalize before ordering in bulk and choosing from companies like Roshpack or more.

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