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What Are The Advantages Of Wedges?


Here are some reasons why wedges can safely help you work or stably park your vehicle.

Tyre Wedges

Greater security

When doing repairs or maintenance on your car or truck, the last thing you want is for it to accidentally start slipping away. This is why it is important to position strong wedges to lock the wheels. Therefore, preventing any movement and making your work as safe as possible.

Park Your Camper

You no longer have to go looking for sturdy logs or large pebbles for parking. If you have a camper van and want to make sure it doesn’t move, there’s nothing better than using a set of wheel chocks.


If you are working on a car raised with a jack, you must make sure that it does not move as it could cause serious injury or damage. Since parking brakes only block the rear wheels on most cars, the wheel chocks must be used to increase safety.


Locking your camper or car wheels will allow you to dock and undock a boat safely.

Load and Unload

Keep the vehicle safely parked while loading and unloading. The wedges are available in a series of shapes and sizes, that can handle even the largest of trailers (after all, even the wheels of the plane can be blocked).

Other Considerations for Wheel Chock Wedges


If you are using wedges in a workshop, consider bright colors like orange or yellow. This will help in the visibility of the wedges, increasing overall safety.


Some wedges are designed with adjustment mechanisms. In general, it is a typical feature of metal models, that helps to change the angle and the height of the wedge. It also helps to change the amount of tension between the tires (by number of wedges).


This factor depends largely on the material of the wedge. As a general principle, metals like steel are the most resistant, followed by rubber, then plastic. The duration is also influenced by the manufacturing process of wedges and the overall quality of raw materials used.


The wheel wedges are generally available in groups of two, five or ten. In most cases, it is necessary to use at least two for security reasons. However, some vehicles and trailers require more, depending on the style and purpose. Check the user and maintenance manual of your vehicle for further information and consider, if necessary, the different leveling systems available.


1. Are metal wedges better than other wedges?

It depends on the purpose of use. Steel wheel wedges are made for larger vehicles, such as campers or trailers. They offer the best grip, traction and durability to safely lock the wheels. However, in many cases, high quality and robust rubber or plastic wedges will work very well.

2. Can rubber wedges also be used on ice or snow?

No, because ice and snow do not provide a good grip on grasping the rubber. In case you need to lock the light truck tyres on icy or snowy ground, metal wheel chocks are your only option. Be careful as the ice and snow are extremely slippery and the leveling systems are ineffective.

3. What kind of wedges should I use on land or other soft surfaces?

The best ones are in rubber or metal (steel or aluminum9) with a wide base to resist the compression of the ground. The last thing you want is for your wedge to sink into the ground, making it ineffective. Pay particular attention to locking the vehicle on this terrain. Use more than two wedges, with the most suitable leveling systems.

Although wheel chocks may seem simple and low-priced, there are many aspects to consider while buying them. Factors such as size, material type, and grip play a key role in identifying the model that best suits your needs.

Now that you know more about wheel wedges and how to use them, it will be easier to choose the right wheel wedges for you.

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