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What Are Tack Mats Used For?


If your company has a clean office, you know the essence of ensuring its ever clean by keeping off dirt, dust and other contaminants. Here is where having tack mats come in handy as they help prevent dust and other pollutants in the office.

Due to their sticky nature, tack mats trap debris and dirt as you walk on them. Some people refer to them as adhesive or sticky mats. But what are they used for? Well, read on to find their many uses.

What Are Tack Mats Used For

Ensure the Office Carpet is Clean

The primary use of tack mats is keeping your office dust-free. If you want the office to be clean at all times, installing an adhesive mat at the office door would be advisable. The mat will help prevent contaminants from being tracked into the office by yourself, employees and visitors.

Pull off Dust Particles from Your Shoes

Sticky mats are designed to remove dust particles from your shoes. It’s a necessity in any organisation to keep the floors clean. Shoes can be full of multiple contaminants that range from mud to hazardous particles.

Prevent Trailing Dust Particles into a Job Site

If you are working in a new construction site, you will want to avoid trailing dust particles into the new site. Yes, this is substantially helpful when you are almost at the end of the construction project. Here, consider using the adhesive mats for construction to solve this everyday menace.

Which Places Can One Place the Sticky Mats?

The food and healthcare industry can hugely benefit from clean sticky mats as they are useful and effective at lowering contamination. What’s more, they help ensure the room is free from dirt and dust that may cause contamination to the products or even the sanitary section. The sticky mats are perfect for use in dust or hygiene sensitive settings such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Medical facilities
  • Clean rooms/offices
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Pharmacies

Why are the Sticky Mats so Important?

Eliminating contaminated particles is vital in ensuring your facility is clear. If you decide to use the ordinary mat, small dust traces remain on shoes or other objects. Nevertheless, the sticky layer in a tack mat captures dust as soon as it comes into contact.

The contaminated particles will remain stuck on the mat until you are ready to dispose of it. Once you realise the sheet is dirty, consider removing the layer to display a new sheet below. Trio Plus offer a wide range of PPE products including sticky tack mats. Visit their website to learn more about the range available.

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