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Top 5 Tips to Buy a .pk Domain Name


Buying a domain name is difficult if you are not familiar with what it is and how to get it. With ever increasing competition and the different packages, it has become very tough to choose the right domain registration company for your business. In the process to buy a domain, you can make a mistake which can cripple your business. Here are the do’s and don’ts for small businesses when it comes to purchasing a domain name and a cheap web hosting company.

Choosing a Free Domain Name and Registering It Online

If your business is specific to a geographic location, consider buying it as part of your domain name. The country level extensions are available such as .pk domains, .com domains, co.uk domains etc. try putting the most important keywords for your business in the domain name.

1. Check for Domain Name Registration

You must always check for domain name registration to know it is completely registered under your name. You must make sure you are the domain owner and administrative contact. Otherwise, you will not be able to sell it when required.

2. No Need to Pay Extra

If you delay the process of owning the domain and it stays registered under some other person’s name, you may have to pay extra cost as sales commission in order to transfer it under your name. Thats because these domains become real businesses and hence authoritative over time. This authority in the internet industry increases its demand and hence it becomes expensive over time.

3. Renewing Your Domain

Always renew your domain name on time. That’s because once the date passes, it goes back to sale. This means that it becomes available for buying for other users. Best thing is to buy a domain for 5 or 10 straight years. You can also set it up for auto-renewal and keep the credit card expiry date in mind.

4. Avoid Using dashes, Numbers and Abbreviations

Instead of using dashes, numbers and abbreviations, try to use something catchy which is easy to remember. A lot of users come to site through word of mouth, and these dashes, numbers and abbreviations can turn them away.

5. Don’t Pay Extra for Extensions Other than .com

Web hosting and domain registration companies do have packages which want you to purchase domain extensions other than .com. This is not required for most businesses. According to industry experts, buying a certain extension is important when you are looking to protect a trademark. You can also purchase an extension such as .net if your competitor wants to pursue it. However, the value that is in .com is not present in any other extension. But the country specific domains also works great for most businesses,


Buy following the tips related to buying a .com domain name or domains pk, you will be successful in purchasing it for your business. Start your business today by purchasing a simple yet memorable domain name from a web hosting and domain registration company. Choose a reliable company that gives proper hosting and domain name suggestions. Always remember that your site is like your eShop. You may have to think through for selecting a proper domain name, however, the time and effort spent in doing so is worth it.

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