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Top 5 Decor Ideas to Turn a Basic Cake into a Masterpiece


Probably, cake baking is in your blood. You as a baker take care of everything that can make a cake super-tasty and a worthy delight to add to any celebration. Besides the taste, there is one thing that you intricately work on. Yes, we are talking about its outer look that takes a lot of time & effort to add life to the cake. No matter what flavor of happy birthday cake or anniversary cake you are presented with, if it doesn’t look attractive, then, unfortunately, you miss the chance to hit bull’s eye. So, now you know why it is important to focus on the appearance of the cake.

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Before you bake or start looking for the cakes online or at a nearby bakery, it’s good to check out the below-listed cake decorating ideas that have the power to turn a basic cake into a masterpiece. So, take a look-

Polka-Dot on Cake

If you want to give your cake a simple yet elegant appeal then there is nothing better than the polka dot decoration which simply looks stunning. Coming up with the polka dots on the cake is super-easy. You can make it with edible black fondant or with chocolate chips. To make the cake more attractive, you can also decorate it with cream flowers on its edges. We are sure when you dress up your cake with polka dots decor then you will feel the moment of happiness.

Rainbow Cake

When we talk about the rainbow cake, then a picture of a surprise cake with inside seven layers of rainbow colors appears in our mind, but here we are discussing the rainbow décor. If you want to give your cake a colorful appeal, then just decorate it piping with a variety of colors. There is no hard & fast rule for this cake. You can also savor such delight, bringing it at your place by availing the online cake delivery services of several cake portals.

Candy Flower Décor

Candy on the cake! Woah! It signifies double sweetness & happiness. Bring that candy fun to your simple looking cake and experience its magic. Decorate your cake with colorful sweet candies in the shape of flowers and let it do its job for what they are known for, i.e.; blossoming! Obviously, they will not blossom like real flowers but they will surely wave happiness in every moment of the celebration.

Petal Cake

Most of the people think that the petal frosting looks complicated. They assume that it is quite a difficult technique to follow and could only be professionally done by bakers. That’s not true! To get this petal decoration looks perfect, all you have to do is to pipe blobs of frosting in a vertical line. After that, gently smear it down with the help of a spoon before piping another row. You can also check out different petal cake tutorial videos online to learn this decoration idea.

Edible Flower Cake Décor

Edible flowers! Sounds weird? Probably, yes! But when a cake is showered with edible flowers then it will act as a right centerpiece for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, bridal shower, or any other celebrations. Flowers are also known for their beauty and when this lovely creation of nature is decorated on the cake, then it will surely double the beauty of the cake.

The above-listed cake decoration ideas are truly amazing. So, next time you bake the cake or order it online, you must check out these delight with such décors. They are undoubtedly perfect for every celebration.

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