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Top 3 WordPress Plugins to Make a Mobile-Ready Website


Adopted by almost 75+ million websites, WordPress is the leading Content Management System. 34% of the entire internet is earned by WordPress. WordPress offers 54000+ plugins that make it extremely easy for you to choose the one according to your demand and budget.

The demand for mobile phones is increasing at a rapid pace and it is estimated that in 2020, 90% of the population will be using mobile phones for every single activity. Therefore, if we look at the current trends, it is imperative that if you do not work on user-experience than the chances that you can lack behind are more. And, there is no doubt that making the website mobile-responsive is far more important, otherwise, you will lose your potential leads.

Top 3 WordPress Plugins to Make a Mobile-Ready Website

Hence, there is a requirement to make your website mobile-responsive and optimized. Even the search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not add the website in the SERPs list if it is not mobile-friendly. Thanks to WordPress that has the mobile-friendly plugins in its repository.

Some of the plugins continue to stay in the WordPress directory, but the authentic plugins replace some fails one. To create a your own plugin from scratch, you can also hire a WordPress Plugin Development Company.

Let’s take a look at those plugins that can make your website mobile-friendly and have made their impressions in the market. Have a look!

Leading WordPress Plugins to Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

1. WP Touch

This is by far, one of the most popular and most sought plugins for mobile site plugins. It’s a powerful plugin that creates a friendly mobile version of the website. It adds a vibrant theme to the website automatically, whenever a mobile user visits your website without changing the overall theme of the website. This plugin offers a variety of customization options for the website owner to personalize the website’s design and its look. The mobile website created with this app is attractive and gives the website an app-like appearance. It is highly flexible and automatically converts the content for the website content for different screens.

It has both free and premium options.

  • With the free version- you can access only the mobile theme with some of the custom features, like color changes, language detection, some style options, and particular coding.
  • With the paid version- you can use the seven themes with more customization options. There is a mobile cache option that supports the posting ads, conducts A/B testing and posts the ads.

2. Jetpack

Jetpack mobile plugin comes with a wide range of functionalities like social media sharing, newsletter subscription, etc. These functions can be administered from the administration panel within WordPress. So, there’s no need to install any extra plugins without any necessity. This plugin is fully compatible with all major mobile operating systems. And also drastically improves your site’s content readability. The plugin allows the users to easily toggle between mobile mode and the desktop mode.

Find out below some of its impressive features:

  • CDN imaging – download an image to servers to load the website faster.
  • Website statistics – analyze website traffic and check which blog articles and pages are leading.
  • XML sitemap – builds a sitemap and submit it to the Google bot to search.
  • Contextualized sidebar – modify what’s visible.
  • Contact form creator- adds the form to the website.

3. WordPress Mobile Pack

This plugin helps the users to transform their content across various platforms of mobile web applications. It’s faster and more reliable and comes with features like push-notifications and smooth animated transitions for mobile. It is fully compatible with Apple IoS, Android devices and can optimize your WordPress website. Also on the other popular web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and many more. This plugin comes with a lot of themes that are fully customizable and can be modified as per the requirement of the user. Check out the features it holds below:

  • Targeted mainly at content curators, bloggers and publishers to assist them for content amplification of the blog.
  • Mobile-optimization to make the website like the mobile app.
  • Its impressive functionality does not let you hire a WordPress developer.
  • WordPress mobile pack has six different themes of options to give your website a memorable mobile browsing experience.
  • You can personalize the theme by modifying the typography, page elements, and color palette.


With the ever-growing number of mobile users, the content management system has come with more plugins. And WordPress is not an exception. It gives mobile users a lasting experience. Use the above-mentioned plugins to improve the appearance of the website by arranging your homepage and make it mobile responsive. Now the search engines have changed its tendency and prefer to give ranking to those websites that have mobile optimization. And, this trend is not going to change because we have become reliant on portable technology.

So, it is better to move with the technological trends and make your website customer-oriented and increase customer satisfaction rate.
We hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything that we have missed, then let us know in the comment section below. Queries and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for reading!!


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