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Tools to Embed Instagram Feed On Squarespace Website


Ever since the social media platforms have been introduced, people worldwide have gone gaga over them. One of these popular platforms is Instagram, which came into existence as a photo-sharing app.

But over the years, it has grown tremendously and has also gained worldwide popularity.

Tools to Embed Instagram Feed On Squarespace Website

At present, there are over 1 billion monthly Instagram users, which has made it the second most social platform with the highest active users globally.

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With extraordinary features, the demand for leveraging Instagram in the online marketing world has been increased. Brands are switching from traditional marketing to the new era marketing tactic that is Social Media Marketing.

But how? Well, as you know that the website is the most important marketing touchpoint for brands & businesses.

Therefore by embedding Instagram feeds on Squarespace website, you can attract more customers.

Also, by displaying user-generated content, you can display social proof for your brand as well as make your website look authentic.

We have curated this blog to educate you about the tools to embed Instagram feeds on Squarespace website.

Best Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on Squarespace Website

1. Taggbox Widget

One of the most popular social media aggregator tools, Taggbox Widget, helps collect & curate feeds from various social media platforms into a single feed.

This feed is then embedded on the website in real-time. Well, this widget tool is compatible with various website building platforms such as Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

If you want to embed Instagram feed on Squarespace website, then you are in the right place.

There are innumerable features offered by this amazing tool that we have mentioned below!

  • Beautiful Customization: You have the power to apply various themes, backgrounds, banners, font sizes & colors, and many more on your raw Instagram feeds to make them look visually appealing.
  • Moderation Panel: There is so many unwanted & irrelevant content that people post in the comments section. So, with the help of the moderation panel, you can exclude all the vulgar content from your feeds to make them look clean & fresh.
  • Insightful Analytics: Get the insights of Instagram feeds on Squarespace website to analyze total clicks, users, impressions, etc. You can use the analytics report to improve the overall performance of your Instagram feeds.
  • Real-time Updates: This feature updates your website’s feeds as soon as you update them on your Instagram handle.
  • User-friendly Interface: To Taggbox widget offers a user-friendly interface to make your Instagram feed look more interactive.

2. Tagembed

As a solution to boost engagement, traffic & sales on the website, Tagembed offers easy Instagram feed integration on the website.

This social media aggregator tool curate & embed Instagram and other feeds from various social media platforms into a single beautiful wall via the handle, hashtags, mentions, or profile.

This tool also has a lot of features to serve like Customization to build unique social media feeds with different layout options, embed themes, color styles, etc.

Advanced Content Filtering helps in managing the content by removing all the useless content.

While you can also update the content in real-time as well as generate reports with analytics features to analyze the overall performance of the feeds.

While the fast & responsive widget designs ensure the seamless performance of your website.

3. SocialbleKIT

Integrated with 99% of website building platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Webflow, Shopify, WordPress, and more, SociableKIT is a website plugin.

It helps you collect, curate, and display social media content on your website that can be customized to change its complete look & feel.

Take help from this social media aggregator tool to enhance engagement, gain social media followers, boost sales, and more.

4. Elfsight Widget

Save your time & money with Elfsight Widget to gain leads, boost sales, engage visitors, grow social followers, and more on your website.

With ready-to-use solutions, the Elfsight widget doesn’t require any coding to set it up on your website.

You can also customize your Instagram feed before embedding them on the Squarespace in just a few clicks.

Apart from this, you can monitor your widget’s important metrics to see how valuable it is for your website.

This widget can also be integrated with various website building platforms apart from Squarespace like BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and more.


Instagram is loaded with beautiful user-generated content, including images and videos, and once you embed this UGC on your Squarespace website, you can see how dramatically the overall performance and growth of your website get enhanced.

As already mentioned above, embedding the eye-catchy Instagram feeds on the website comes with benefits like the escalation of user-engagement, boost sales, website traffic, and more. So, all these social media aggregator tools help in taking your business a notch higher than your competitors.


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