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Tips to Make Guests Feel At Home When They Stay Over


If you want to learn to be a generous host, then you’d be happy to know it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Here are a few tips on how to make your friends feel welcome, whenever they stay over at your place…

Tips to Make Guests Feel At Home When They Stay Over

Always Offer To Have Them Stay Over

If your friends are in your city and they are paying you a visit, then it’s obvious that you would be happy. If their visit happens to extend until late, offer to have them sleep over, saving them the awkwardness of having to ask you about it. Even if it’s not the case of it being too late, people tend to be more willing to stay over in homes that have always been offered as an option to them. So always make sure to open your doors to your friends and family.

Make Sure To See To The Sleeping Arrangements Before They Get To Your Home

Do you have a guest bedroom ready for visitors? Or do you have a daybed that opens up or comfortable sleeping bags just for this purpose? Regardless of that, one thing you must always avoid doing is making your guests feel like they are making life difficult for you. One of the easiest ways to avoid doing so is making sure their sleeping arrangements are seen to before they arrive. If you struggle with the day bed, or dig through cupboards looking for the extra pillows while they are around, they might feel very awkward. Of course, this is only an option if you know of their arrival beforehand.

Have the Guest Bathroom Well-Stocked

Guest bathrooms are one space in your home, for which indulging is absolutely permissible. Always make sure to keep this space clean and dry. Select the best quality towels, and keep a stock of toilet paper. Find pretty soap dishes and dispensers and always have a few extra toothbrushes stocked. It’s also a cute idea to have a few sachet packets of soap, face washesand shampoo kept ready (like in hotels) so your guests will feel that special attention. Going the extra mile with the towel folding can add to this as well.

Make Sure You Have a Full Fridge

Just like the sleeping arrangement, you rushing off in the middle of the night to get food too can generally translate as being inconvenienced by your guests. If you have a prior notice of their arrival, make sure to stock up the fridge and include a few snacks that you know they enjoy. This seeing to detail can mean a great deal to your friends, making them feel very welcome indeed.

Stop Treating Them like Guests

If your friends are planning on staying over for a few days, then it’s vital that you remember to stop treating them like guests? Why? Simply because they are going to be on edge as far as you treat them as guests. Let them make their own bed and let them help you out in the kitchen while you cook. If you are doing both your laundry, put them to work when it comes to drying the dishes or something similar. This will help them relax and feel more at home.


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