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Bridal Bouquets: 5 Designs to Match Your Style


Every bride loves bouquets, the bigger and prettier it is the better it is. When planning for one of the biggest days in one’s life, make sure you pay adequate attention to the selection of your bridal bouquets and not leave it as a last-minute task. A bridal bouquet is no more a collection of assorted flowers put together in a bunch, but a much carefully thought out arrangement of flowers designed to showcase the personality and beauty of the bride. A well designed and arranged bouquet will compliment your entire bridal look and add to the grace and beauty of your wedding dress, making your wedding a very memorable event.

Bridal Bouquets 5 Designs to Match Your Style

To make your task of selecting one, from different bridal bouquets easier, we have put together some classic and eternal designs that will delight you and be the perfect companion on your wedding day.

1. Hand Tied Bouquets

One of the favorite all-time classic bouquets, the hand-tied bridal bouquet is also a much sought after floral arrangement and very popular with brides to be. Hand-tied bouquets are also popularly known as a posy and made using flowers with their stems, grouped together in an unorganized way and then tied up with a ribbon. Since it is a small bouquet made with just 3 to 4 flowers it is easier to carry, due to which many brides prefer it over other normal big bouquets.

2. Biedermeier Bouquet

Inspired and named after the German style of interior decorating, the Biedermeier is a very beautiful bouquet that is round in shape. It is made in different layers with each layer being laid in concentric circles of different colors or flowers, from those selected by the bride. This style can also be adapted for hand-tied bridal bouquets, using just 2 variants of flowers or colors. Smaller sizes of the Biedermeier bouquet can also be used for bridesmaids, to present a uniform look during the wedding.

3. Cascade Bouquet

This one of the most stylishly built bridal bouquets that a bride can carry during her wedding. This bouquet has a cascading waterfall look and is designed with a broad circular top that slowly tapers downwards, to give the look of flowers flowing down from the bride’s hands towards her feet. It is usually preferred for formal and big weddings, with roses or lilies being generally used to make it.

4. Composite Bouquets

One of the most creative and extensive bridal bouquets, the composite bouquet is made using hundreds of individual flower petals, that are wired together to give the impression of a very beautiful single large flower. Usually preferred for luxurious weddings, the craftsmanship of composite bouquets requires it to be built by very experienced and talented florists, making it an expensive bouquet to buy.

5. Presentation Bouquets

Easy to carry and hold brides usually hold these bridal bouquets in the cradle of their hand, similar to the style adopted by many fashion models and pageant winners. These bouquets are normally made using long-stemmed flowers such as calla lilies, which give this bouquet a very elegant and stylish look. Other floral options that can be used to make this bouquet are long-stemmed roses or orchids.

Your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life, and a beautiful and stylish bridal bouquet will definitely add to your style element on that day. Just make sure, you inform your florists of the style you prefer well in advance so that there are no last-minute delays or refusals on his part.


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