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Tips to Maintain & Replace Your Car Parts At Home


Being a car owner you know the importance of making the most of your vehicle as you have made a huge investment. To keep your expensive car in good condition as long as possible you need to make efforts until you can update to a new model. Hence, it would be a clever option to control the basic sections of your vehicle at home, which can save you from additional repair expenses, and keep the vehicle as functional as new.

However, there will be a few changes and repair required that can only be managed by professionals, but rest can be handled and repaired at home by getting original auto parts from a trustworthy source.

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Talking about the maintenance of your car, always keep in mind that every model and each brand is different from the others. So, you should examine before getting into DIY car maintenance. For example, if you own a costly Mazda car, then you will have to learn about Mazda auto parts and their specifications or you can simply hire an expert, to help you with the same.

Here are the tips to maintain your car at home:

Owner’s Manual:

The most significant thing to consider before getting into car parts replacement and maintenance is to get to know your car model and study every part to avoid any issues in the future.

Things like tire pressure, fuel change and the type of light bulbs should be used, are a few details in your checklist, can be found in your user’s manual.

Twist the Wheels:

Another important thing that affects the fuel saving is tire pressure, which should be particular for every car model. This should be done on a weekly basis to avoid troubles while driving a car. You can use the advanced tire pressure monitoring system comes with your car or a quick gadget that can be attached with your Smartphone, and support you maintain and improve the tire pressure. Talking about health if your wheels, for making sure that tires are bearing wear evenly, you can twist them regularly (Change the location of each tire).

Replace the Oil:

For times, car owners are guided to change their vehicle’s oil every 3rd month or following every 3000 miles, as per to their preferences. But only a few people pay consideration to that and invite additional oiling services and repair costs. Your car’s manual will help you gain a sense of how you can change the oil for excellent mileage and a hassle-free driving.

Air Filter:

The air filter of your vehicle is another critical element, which needs to be serviced periodically as per your owner’s manual instructions. If you drive in harsh circumstances and extreme dirt, the air filter gets jammed, which is when you require to replace it as quickly as possible.


One of the risks you shouldn’t avoid is the leakage that transforms your engine coolant, and you notice a sudden heat rise in the gauge.


If you are carrying a dead car battery, then find a credible source that gives battery examination along with the genuine auto parts to help you in the best manner. Also, you must know that a car’s battery should be replaced every 5 years.

Replacement Auto Parts:

A lot of important parts of your vehicle need which need to be replaced on a regular basis so that you can have smooth driving experience. Whether you buy used auto parts or new spare parts, there are many stores available, helping your car run the best it likely can for years to come.

Though not the entire replacement and repair can be done at home, you can at least continue with the basic yet essential parts stated above. Nevertheless, you need to find an authorized auto parts dealers which will help you with your care maintenance.


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