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Tips to Craft an Excellent Argumentative Essay


Essay writing is essential part of any student’s life. Every student has to write an essay in their course while studying, especially in school and college. Essay writing helps a student to improve his or her writing skills. Writing skills are necessary for good career growth, even if, you do not want to opt English literature, still having this skill is must. Hence, the students are given this task to write an essay. Many students ignore the guidelines on how to write an essay and just craft an essay and hand it over to their teachers. But it is important to focus on writing it and develop a good quality essay. There are many categories in essays like narrative, exploratory, persuasive, reflexive essays, etc. Each essay has a different way and format of writing them.

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Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is among other types of essays. In this genre of essays, an argument is presented on a topic. This topic is searched, researched and according to the investigation the content of the essay is prepared. Assigning this topic to the students helps them in many ways, due to this students, students need to know, how to write a good college essay. Their research skills improve, they will generate awareness about the argument, enhances their writing skills, etc. are a few benefits of writing an argumentative essay.

Tips to write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay must satisfy the audience thereby justifying your presented argument. Here are some tips for the students who are eager to learn trick to write a compelling essay.

• Selection of Topic – First the selection of the topic should be done. It depends on the writer which topic they want to write about. If you are interested in a specific category, then you can write an argumentative essay on it. Also, apart from that you can select a topic that your readers are interested in or select an argument that is prevalent in the current time or a current issue. These are some suggestions that you can use while writing an essay.

• Understand the argument – Once you select the topic, thoroughly research it. Even if it is in your area of interest, still you need to research the topic. While studying the argument, collect the main points that you will discuss in your essay. Gather answers to questions like – what led to the argument? The main idea of the argument? People involved in it? etc. are a few questions that needs to be answered. Anyone will be interested to get the answer of such questions.

• Check or Test your argument – It is great way to understand or learn the types of reactions your essay might get (from the audience). When you select an issue to write an essay always consult a peer who has a different or opposite opinion about the same issue. Have a conversation with that person, you might get some meaning points to add in the essay and also get some questions that you missed.

• Research and collect evidences – Collect evidences for your argument. In the current world, nobody believes someone unless they have a proof. You need to provide a proof or evidence so that the audience can trust your content. Also, it is a quality of a good writer to include statements that support his or her thesis. Find a reliable evidence and use it in your essay. You can also provide a reference to the evidence so that people can verify it.

• Structure your Essay – From the whole research you conducted, create an outline and structure your essay. Note the points and go through them before starting to write. Eliminate anything that is not relevant to your essay. Structure the points according to their relevancy and make an attractive flow of essay. If the flow in your essay is captivating, then the readers will definitely read it till the end. Make sure to include a compelling introduction, informative body and justifying conclusion.

• Edit the essay – After completing your essay, take a look at it and give it some final touches. Often people make mistakes while writing something. They might not notice it while writing but when they are editing or rereading their essay, these mistakes are visible and must be corrected on the spot. An error free content will be more popular and less criticized. Hence, reread it and rectify all the grammatical, spelling and sentence formation mistakes. It is another good trait of a decent writer.

By following these tips, you will be able to craft an excellent argumentative essay. If you an issue regarding it, you can ask someone – write my essay or take their help in writing the essay. It will be beneficial for you as it will help you to come up with a good content.


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