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The Main Types of Swimming Pools for Your Home


In the United States, approximately 10.4 million homes or private residences have swimming pools.

It’s no surprise that we love to swim- it’s fun for people of all ages and a great form of exercise. Moreover, swimming is the perfect way to cool off in the hot summer heat.

The Main Types of Swimming Pools for Your Home

If you’re getting tired of crowded public pools, it may be time to install or build a home swimming pool. Although there are various types of swimming pools, the kind you choose will depend on your budget, property size, and intended use.

Let’s take a look at the most common swimming pool options!

Above-Ground Pool

If you can’t afford the swimming pool construction cost, this is the best swimming pool for you! Above-ground pools typically cost only a few hundred dollars, which makes the initial investment affordable. If you still have some room in your budget, you may even want to add a deck around the pool.

Recreational Swimming Pool

This type of swimming pool is all about family fun and features waterslides, diving boards, caves, or even tunnels! Recreational pools are also large enough to swim laps, making them a versatile option for families.

Lap Pool

If your primary intention of building a swimming pool is health and fitness, you should go for a lap pool. They are usually more than fifty feet long and narrow.

Infinity Pool

Is there an amazing view from your property? If so, you can highlight it with an infinity pool.

This option is more expensive since it needs to be custom-built with swimming pool materials to give the illusion of water falling over the edge of the property.

Kiddie Pool

Are you dreading the expense of maintaining a pool? If so, a kiddie pool is a good compromise to keep your children happy during the summer. All you need to do is inflate it with an air pump, and voila!

Indoor Pool

Indoor pools are common in hot states like Florida and are typically covered by a pool enclosure. You won’t have to clean these pools as often since they are protected from debris such as leaves.

Natural Pool

Are you having trouble deciding between a pond or a swimming pool? If so, a natural pool is for you! This pool is lined with rubber and decorated with aquatic landscaping that serves as a natural cleaning system!

Saltwater Pool

This is neither a design nor a style of pool. Rather, it is a pool that uses a saltwater cleaning system instead of chlorine. You can use this filtration system in any type of pool and save money on pool chemicals.

Best Types of Swimming Pools

After looking at some of the types of swimming pools, you likely have an idea of which is right for your home! The best way to make the final decision is to contact a pool builder in your area for more advice and a quote.

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