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The Journey from Ordering Food to Delivering Food


It has become the most important part of the journey to deliver the right quality of food to the passengers in order to make their journey a good one and in order to satisfy them. This is the way to make the journey worth and memorable. The IRCTC came with many innovations that provided the best quality food to the people so that they can enjoy the meal along with their travels. This has brought a huge revolution in the whole concept. Food in train is one of the most flourishing businesses.

The Journey from Ordering Food to Delivering Food

Now the process of ordering the food and getting it delivered has become very easy. The whole process requires a series of sequential steps to be followed. The websites and the apps follow D-1 approach which means that the delivery of the food will be made in 1 hour. Once the order has been placed the countdown will begin. When the customer places the order it is directly received in the backend of the app and the process starts from here. There are following steps which are to be completed. They are as:

  • The first stage starts by receiving the order by any of the particular apps.
  • Then the team at the backend will cross check the order by confirming the seat number, PNR number, location of the train and the passenger.
  • After this step of verification the order is accepted by the app.
  • Then the notification is sent to the restaurant authorities of the particular station selected by the passenger. Another message is sent to the customer that their order has been accepted. After all this the restaurant will confirm the order by calling the passenger.

The restaurants start preparing the order as soon as they receive the confirmation. They are responsible to make the best quality food that will enhance the experience of the passengers. Every order has separate demands and there is rush in the kitchen. Still the staff is so good that it is able to serve to the needs of the people in the best possible manner. All such orders are to be completed within 1 hour. After this the main step is packaging of the food items. This is very important to enhance the brand image. This is the first thing the people will see in the product. After all this process the order is given to the delivery guy or woman so that he or she can go and deliver the order at the right seat number to the right person.

The next step is to deliver the food on time to the right person in the train. The person is well dressed in the uniform and this is the way to make the people happy, satisfied and create own brand image. The person will verify the platform number and this will help him or her to deliver the food on time. Then as soon as the train arrives he or she greets the person with smile and then hand over the food to them.

Thus the whole journey from ordering to delivery has been explained.

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