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The Evolution of How To Make A Travel Brochure That Looks Stunning


Our requirements change at an exponential rate as everyone wants to have a taste of the latest products and services in the market. This has put a huge pressure on businesses to continuously evolve according to the latest trends in the industry if they want to survive.

The Evolution of How To Make A Travel Brochure That Looks Stunning

Now, trends are not just about the latest fashion, technology, etc. Trends affect the society, culture, and most importantly the brands. They have to devise new mechanisms to keep themselves in the game. Just take a look at the creative travel brochure design. If you look at the type of brochure design a few years back, you would notice that the brochure designs used to completely different than what they are today. People now use different terminology, technologies, patterns, the color scheme in order to create a stunning brochure design then they used to do before. So, if you are a professional brochure designer and wish to understand the evolution of how brochure making trends have changed, then you are at the right place as we are going to discuss the evolution of how to make a brochure design that looks stunning.

1940s Brochure Design

Now back in the 1940s designer were not much reliant on the latest technologies to create new designs, rather you will observe a lot of handwork in the brochure designs of that time if you look closely. Apart from this, they didn’t have a lot of color options due to the high cost of printing. This creates a burden on the designer to come up with a unique brochure design with limited options available. Even after all these limitations, they had stunning brochure designs.

1950 Brochure Design

This decade shows a lot of similarities to the previous one. But it also shows exponential improvement in the printing quality and photography techniques making it easier to include images in the brochure. A brochure that effectively utilizes images was considered stunning. And if you want to do create a brochure based on 150 themes it would be a good idea to include a lot of visual graphics.

1970s brochure Design

This era shows an exponential improvement in terms of color choices and full-color photography merged with different designs. A good looking brochure in this era would definitely be the one which is photo-centric with a good full-colored print. Well, they do have some great brochure design, but we still haven’t reached the modern era of designing.

Modern Designing Era

The year after 1980 marks the starting of the modern designing era as computers were introduced to the designing industry. Few initial years of this era laid down the foundation of the modern graphic industry and these were really important from the viewpoint of new designing patterns and changes in the graphic designing industry.

The computer in the modern era provides graphics designers with the ability to modify updates and change elements of the brochure, any number of times. They also started creating components designing to help other designers and evolve into the industry it is today. Any brochure designer or any designer in the modern age looking to join the designing industry must have basic skills to operate a computer and utilize a graphic designing software. These tasks were more difficult at the beginning of the era as the computer did not have much GUI for designers to operate them easily unlike today.

Although you have to take into account that the computers were not good enough for designing until the middle of 1983. After this the main focus of designing completely shifted towards the computer and introduced new concepts like mockup designs, on-demand designing, etc. This was the time when people designer started abandoning the traditional pen and paper for designing. After this, the major change in the designing industry was caused by the pinpoint touch screen display due to its amazing user interactivity capabilities.

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