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The Essentials Of Effective Plumbing Maintenance For New Homeowners


Shifting to a new locality brings with it specific aspects of which to take note. Each one of these home aspects holds significance in understanding the future of living in a new region.

As a homeowner, all responsibility falls to you, and staying aware of elementary plumbing measures and maintenance is one aspect.

The Essentials Of Effective Plumbing Maintenance For New Homeowners

Why should you worry about home plumbing maintenance?

You may not have the time to deal with the plumbing issues comparatively with other substantial aspects of getting the home prepared. Relying on the professional plumbing companies in tulsa is an option.

However, home plumbing maintenance is a different undertaking than the typical plumbing repairs and maintenance that plumbers in tulsa ok furnish. Merely by carrying out regular home plumbing checks, a homeowner can avoid large expenses and headaches in the future.

Home plumbing system maintenance conserves water and reduces the load on the utility bills.

How can a homeowner carry out home plumbing maintenance?

A new homeowner may not have the know-how of plumbing systems and their working. Nor do they have to start studying to deal with regular home maintenance.

There are specific measures that a homeowner can ensure daily, weekly, and seasonally. It is not a daunting task to accomplish, and homeowners will feel relieved knowing their home plumbing is operating efficiently.

Daily Home Plumbing Maintenance

The kitchen and washroom are the two primary areas that experience usual and not-so-common plumbing issues. It could be the clogging in the kitchen and the toilet sinks or leaky faucets and running toilets.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind to not face a clogged kitchen sink.

  • As much as possible, try avoiding putting food down the disposal. Some may be soft to grind and dispose of, which is not an issue. However, fibrous food and fruit peels, and starchy chunks should steer clear in the kitchen sink disposal.
  • Clogs are usually the result of fats and oils getting congealed in the kitchen sink drain pipes. Avoid pouring spoiled milk down the sink. If you do, let the water run for a while before and after.
  • Pour a jug of hot water down your kitchen sink every night before going to bed. It helps washing off any residual debris and keep the pipes clean to avoid blockage.

As for the washroom, similar steps must get followed to ensure clog prevention.

  • When bathing, place a screen over the drain to catch hairs from going down the drain.
  • As refreshing as bathing oils can be, they are equally harmful to your bathroom drains. Their oily nature ends up clogging the drains, making a mess you would not want to clean.
  • To combat the oil blockage in your bathroom pipes, you may resort to the use of chemical de-clogging agents. However, they end up corroding your pipes even if they clean the system.
  • It would be better not to flush anything other than human waste in the toilet. Keep a dustbin handy in the washroom to dispose of the wipes or tampons.

Weekly Home Plumbing Maintenance

Check the condition of your plumbing pipe systems once a week to stay assured of their optimal functioning. For a homeowner, weekly maintenance involves checking for leaking fixtures, draining speed, and mold growth.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind for the same.

  • It takes about 4000 drips to make up for the loss of a gallon of water. So, the first issue to check on would be leaky taps and fixtures. Turn on the water in each tap and check underneath for leaks in the pipes. A few issues get resolved easily using the white plumber’s tape.
  • Next, check for the speed of drainage. Efficient water drainage makes swirls while draining. A clogged drain will show bubbles as the water drains. In such cases, try pumping some hot water down the drain with a high-quality plunger.
  • Go around inspecting your exposed water systems for mold growth. Usually, areas underneath the kitchen sink or in the basement develop mold due to the dampness. Getting rid of the musty smell may be easy, but mold growth is another issue. Do not let the matter get out of hand to have to deal with mold growth.

Seasonal Home Plumbing Maintenance

The changing season’s usher in a specific deluge of plumbing issues that a new homeowner may not know. However, there are general measures the homeowner can take to prevent extreme plumbing damage due to the seasons.

Summer &Spring Home Plumbing Maintenance

The warm temperatures are ideal for checking on the septic tanks and clean them out. Additionally, check the sprinklers in your yards for healthy functioning. Ensure to get your main sewer line checked for blockages.

If there is a lawn irrigation system in place, check it for cracks, hose functionality, and inconsistencies before use.

Spring maintenance involves the general weekly maintenance with some outdoor cleaning. Check for bird’s nests in the plumbing vents or gutters and downspouts. They are the primary reason for floods within the home once winter passes.

Winter &Fall Home Plumbing Maintenance

Preparing your pipes to face the freezing temperatures of winter is the primary purpose of winter plumbing maintenance. The first step is to ensure proper insulation of all warm and cold pipes. Locate the ones more vulnerable to the cold in the basement or crawl spaces.

There should be no idle drafts near water inlets and outlets in your home plumbing. When possible, let the water keep running through the system at regular intervals to avoid freezing. Ensure your entire home is a warm haven to maintain the functionality of your plumbing system.

Fall plumbing maintenance involves preparing the outdoor water outlets and hoses against freezing. Moreover, the sump pumps face greater chances of failure due to the rising temperatures. Ensure to get the gutters and sump pump checked by professional plumbers before winter hits.

Final Thoughts

As a new homeowner,it may get challenging to maintain the supervision of your home plumbing system. However, following a daily or weekly check allows you to create a primary line-of-defense in emergency plumbing issues.


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