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Style Tips For Wearing a Kaftan


It is a traditional garment with long flowing sleeves that came from the Middle East to the West. It is associated with beach parties and offers a cool and covering way to enjoy a warm day in comfort.

Style Tips For Wearing a Kaftan

Despite what many people think, a kaftan is not only an item for the beach; it can be much more than that. You can turn it into a piece of clothing that impresses you at work or even at a party in the center of the city.

With that in mind, what are some of the things that you need to consider to pull off a kaftan?


Kaftans come in V-necks, have long sleeves, and come in many colors and patterns, with the higher-end options often being embellished.

There are options such as the belted kaftan, the playa kaftan, the Madre kaftan, and the mini kaftan, which are typically designed to be worn by children. In fact, one way that many people wear a kaftan is as a dress, and it is one of the dresses for large women that can help to accentuate the bust and hips without drawing undue attention to the stomach if it is full length. Of course, a kaftan can be paired with a belt if desired, but the majority of people who wear it do not feel this is necessary.


Due to its larger size, a kaftan generally appears to be oversized irrespective of who is wearing it. The trick to pulling with any look is to have harmony with it. So aim for small purses and bags. Or even for clutch bags if you are going to a formal occasion or a party. If you need to have a bag, try to pick one that either matches or contrasts the colors in the dress for a striking look.

Length and fabric

There are many lengths to this dress. A medium-length option is preferred for a day at work, even if you work in an office. A short kaftan is great for casual outings, such as beach parties, and a full-length one is a suitable option to wear to a cocktail party or a formal function.

The fabric should be flowy and are usually silk or cotton or another natural option.100% silk kaftans can be pricier and should only be worn for formal occasions.

Which Shoes?

If you are wearing a printed kaftan, you can pair it with a pair of nude heels.

Depending on the look you wish to achieve, this dress can be paired with high heels, wedges, or sandals, but it is probably not wise to wear a silk option with wedges. Or to wear high heels with a cotton option. Just because of potential damage to the lower hem.


The key to any look is to pair accessories correctly; any elegant jewelry can help. Aim for statement pieces, such as long, heavy necklaces or earrings but avoid this if the kaftan has embellishments as you don’t want to make it look too overcrowded.

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