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Street Style Guide for Men to Wear Hoodie


Hoodies are an essential item in every contemporary wardrobe. Street style hoodie is a classic piece that can be worn in different ways. Men’s streetwear hoodies can transform the entire look to make it fun. Hoodies for girls are also trendy to give a peppy look. Streetwear hoodies are incredibly comfortable and look amazingly cool on every occasion.

Street Style Guide for Men to Wear Hoodie

You can buy online hoodies for men at Urban Monkey in a variety of colors and designs. In addition, the unisex apparels and accessories are unique and perfectly define your personality. Here, we provide you with a complete guide on how to style your hoodies according to different occasions.

Getting the right colors

The color and print is an excellent characteristic when you need to pick the best hoodie for yourself. Solid colors are often preferred for their classy look and versatility. You can put them on over any apparel, from casuals to formals. Whether you get dark shades or light pastels, these plain colors can always be a great companion on simple occasions.

When you want to make your extra look chic, go for the more individualistic patterns. The multicolored hoodies by Urban Monkey give you a relaxed fit with a perfectly vibrant color combination. They can go in sync with all your street style apparel, from jeans to chinos.

Wearing your hoodies casual style

Streetwear hoodies often ooze a chilled-out character- someone who is carefree and passionate about something. However, if you wear your hoodies every day in your daily professional life and on personal occasions, you need to get the latest ideas for contemporary lookbooks. This style is also great for joggers and hikers.

On casual occasions, hoodies look great with stylish caps. The latest collection of Urban Monkey dad caps houses various funky styles in vibrant shades and patterns. These colors can boost your smart, unique look with any hoodie.

Wearing hoodies in formal wears

Who said that stylish hoodies for men are only restricted to streetwear. Hoodies can pair up amazingly with formal occasions as well. You can try hooded jackets with the best pair of jeans you have. Get the right polished shoes and get ready to catch some eyeballs. Hoodies for girls can be paired with dresses for quirky evening attire. Wear comfortable shoes, and you are bound to roll in fun and laughter.

Upgrade the look with an elegant sunglass if you are going outdoors. The extraordinary eyewear collection by Urban Monkey gives you an edgy avatar. So hit the roads with eyewear styles like the Sinner and the Airplane Mode to make a statement.

Style your hoodies according to seasons

In winter, you can get a quirky layered look with hoodies. You can wear a rugged jacket over your comfortable hoodies. Long jackets with boots can also work amazingly to give a smart look. Finish the look with tennis shoes or plain sneakers for a relaxing outing in winter afternoons.

For summers, you can put on a light hoodie over your favorite T-shirt. The color contrast should be carefully noted according to the occasion. Use bright contrasting shades like yellow, lemon, white, and blue to create a summer effect. You can also use a monochrome color palette for a relaxing effect.

Wearing the right shoes with hoodies

Men’s streetwear hoodies are pretty versatile to go with any apparel and shoes. However, the kind of shoes you choose can set your look apart. Clean tennis shoes can go wonderfully with any pair of streetwear hoodies. Plain hoodies are perfect jogging shoes and sports shoes.

Your look should have a balanced effect of colors and patterns. For example, multicolored shoes with multicolored hoodies can create an overwhelming impact. Similarly, plain shoes with plain hoodies can be too drab. Choosing the correct type of bags can also make a defining appearance. For example, street-style hoodies for men can go best with casual backpacks. On the other hand, layered winter looks can be more elegant with sharp-looking side bags.

The funky sling bags by Urban Monkey are made with polycarbonate exteriors to give a robust and boxy look. Amazingly light and easy to carry, they can provide an incredible appeal to the regular avatar of any metropolitan.


Men’s streetwear hoodies have evolved a great deal to become a style statement. Generally, hoodies are meant for travellers and photographers on the go, but they have developed to be a regular part of every professional and fashionista. Hoodies are also amazingly comfortable as loungewear. So spend a day inside binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix and chill!

Buy online hoodies with the best accessories at Urban Monkey transformative collection. Their comfortable style has made them an absolute essential in every wardrobe. So no matter what the occasion is, slip on your favorite hoodie to stay stylish and happy.

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