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Step by Step Guide on How to Write a Research Paper


A Research Paper is based on the original and unique research that you have carried out for the submission work. Research Paper Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of the students find it burdensome when they are not able to write a Research Paper that would meet the desired results.

Step by Step Guide on How to Write a Research Paper

Following the steps given below, research paper writing will become a lot easier for you in your college time.

1. Understanding your Assignment

It is very important to understand your assignment. If you are able to have a clear understanding of your assignment, half of your work is already considered to be done.

If there is anything in your assignment that draws your attention and requires clarification from your teacher, do it there and then.
Note down all the important points like the deadline of the assignment, length of the content, format to be followed so that you do not face any problems later.

Make an outline with all the remember points you need to take care of and then cross them off as the tasks keep getting completed.

2. Choosing a Topic

It is very important to choose the correct topic for your research paper that is unique, is of your interest, fills all the requirements of your assignment and which you believe that it will be in your capabilities to research that topic.

You can search for such a topic within a research paper as there are recommendations for other research topics or you can come up with a topic that you feel interests you.

3. Doing your Groundwork

You need to make sure that you conduct preliminary research about your topic. Any topic or discussion that you feel will help you in research, read it and understand it. Do not miss any video that you feel can be helpful in carrying out your research.

Make full use of the facilities, be it libraries or websites that will help you in making your research paper effective.

Make sure that all your queries of how, where and when are satisfied.

Doing this homework will reduce the chances of error and you will be able to produce a better quality research paper.

4. Developing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a statement around which your whole research revolves. The arguments of your statements will be based on this thesis statement. However, there may be a chance that there would be changes in your thesis statement as you carry forward your research, but the central idea of your research would be supporting your thesis statement.

5. Make an outline

Make an effective outline of your research paper that will help you to serve as a guide to write your research paper effectively.

You can write heading and subheading and all the main key points that you will use throughout to write your research paper.

Making an outline of your research paper helps you to write your research efficiently and none of the important points gets missed.

6. Writing an informative Body of the Research Paper

While you write the main content of your research paper, you need to make sure of the following points:

  • The ideas should be expressed clearly.
  • The data should be organised in proper order.
  • Be open to changes if you require to make any.

The introduction should be impressive enough to blow the minds of the readers. You must be able to define all the important terms that you have used in your research paper. The readers must have the idea of getting convinced through your opening statement.

The main body of the research paper includes all the facts, evidence, data that you use to support your arguments. While reading the body of the text, make sure that the data is arranged in proper sequence and supports all the arguments that you have made above. The transition between the paragraphs should be smooth to avoid any problems.

While reading the conclusion, the reader should get the clarity of your research paper and must be convinced by your arguments to acknowledge it. Recapitulate all the main points of your arguments and put them together for the final acknowledgement. The knowledge that the research paper offers to the upcoming students should also be discussed.

7. Detailed Revision of the Research Paper

Make sure that you do a detailed revision of your research paper making it grammatically correct and error-free. Double-check the data that you have used and the work should be plagiarised free.


Hope that the steps would help you in writing an effective research paper and you will not face any difficulties while writing any. We believe now the research paper writing will become a lot easier for you.


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