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Steam Cleaned Carpet with Reduced Drying Time!


You must be regularly cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner, maybe once or twice a week. That helps keep the surface of your carpet clean and safe for some time. After some months despite the surface cleaning some dirt and dust starts to get absorbed in the layers beneath the surface, now that dirt is not going to be cleaned with your regular vacuum cleaning. Hence, you are going to need professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne. We recommend you to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year and if you have heavy foot traffic then we recommend the period of 6 months for the regular cleaning.

Steam Cleaned Carpet with Reduced Drying Time

Now, when you go for professional cleaning of your carpet, you will have the two choices- carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning. For effective and proper cleaning with thorough results, you should always go for steam cleaning. Although, people feel like they want to refrain from steam cleaning because steam cleaning includes the drying time for the carpet. Now, while the steam cleaned carpet is better, it can also take up some careful treatment. For example, the steam cleaned carpet takes time to be absolutely dried and before it is dry you cannot walk upon it or you might risk getting it even dirtier than before. In addition, when the carpet is still damp and yet to be absolutely dried, it also absorbs more dust from the air because of the dampness. The drying time of the carpet can vary from 2 hours to 8 hours, and the latter can be very tough to manage.

We are not here just to discuss the issues, we are here to give you solutions. So further in this blog we will tell you what are the factors that affect the drying time of your carpet and how to decrease the drying time of the steam cleaned carpet.

Factors that Affect the Drying Time of Your Carpet

Carpet Materials:

Your carpet material determines the drying time the most, along with the carpet structure. Some materials are highly absorbent while others tend to be easy to dry because they don’t absorb as much water. Besides the carpet pile decides the drying time, if the carpet is of thick pile, it will naturally have more area of material that would have absorbed the water and if the carpet has thin pile then it will dry relatively quickly.

For example a carpet made of wool and thick pile will take a long time to dry because of the excessive amount of water absorbed. On the other hand, synthetic carpet with a thin pile will dry out really quickly.


By soiling we mean the extent of dirtiness of your carpet, the dirtier the carpet, the more time it will take to get dry after steam cleaning. The reason is that the more dirt will require more water and deeper cleaning which will result in the carpet fibres having absorbed the water to deeper layers. And that will mean longer drying time.

Humidity in your home:

If your house has high humidity then it will take longer for the carpet to dry because the moisture in the carpet will have no place to go. Dry air helps the steam cleaned carpet dry faster because the moisture leaves the carpet sooner. Basic thermodynamics law of temperature balancing, if you keep cold tea in the refrigerator, it will not make much difference to the temperature of the tea but keep the same tea at room temperature or may be near a hot stove on the kitchen counter and the temperature will change quickly.

Hence, the lesser humidity in the room, the quicker drying time for your carpet.

Tips to make your carpet dry faster

It can be really inconvenient to wait for your carpet to be completely dry once it is steam cleaned, especially in case you have toddlers and pets or maybe if you are expecting visitors. So what can you do? Well, there are some effective ways to have your carpet dry and ready to walk on quicker.


Ventilate the room well, open windows etc for a while. You can also turn on a fan to accelerate the drying process.


Of course you can use a dehumidifier that can be effective too.

Frequent Cleaning:

Frequent cleaning will help reduce the amount of soiling which as explained above, will help reduce the drying time of the carpet too.

Advanced Equipment:

You can get professional blow-dry services with advanced equipment.

Get proper carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne without worrying about drying time, just follow the above mentioned tips and get absolutely clean carpet without any inconvenience.

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