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Advantages Of Robotic Surgery For Prostate Cancer


Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RP) has grown in popularity worldwide and has established itself as a regular operation for localized prostate cancer, if not a new gold standard.

It is a very costly procedure, but there are many advantages like the loss of blood is less, and the recovery happens in a shorter duration. People who are suffering from Robotic Surgery for prostate cancer do not have many choices in life.

Advantages Of Robotic Surgery For Prostate Cancer

Traditional open surgery, in which a surgeon performs the surgery through a long skin incision, is phased out in favor of robotically assisted laparoscopy. A surgeon uses a robotic device to do the surgery through smaller incisions.


  • The robotic arms move freely, precisely, finely, and without tremors.
  • The method provides the benefits of minimally invasive surgery while protecting nerves to maintain sexual potency and continence to maintain urine control.
  • There is a chance that the people who undergo robotic surgery are healing faster, and they don’t have to suffer that pain for a long duration.
  • Another most significant advantage is fewer hospital sittings as the recovery time is shorter for the person. The person who undergoes is also a little bit free of such pain.
  • People who undergo Robotic surgery for prostate cancer can go back to their routine in a week or two and surprisingly can start going to their jobs in a month after some resting. While on the other side, people who use traditional ways of healing require much more time, and they have to take complete rest for two to three months. Also, in routine surgery, they have to go through a lot of pain. It just that robotic surgery is a bit on the expensive side, and people who can afford it should use it if someone is dealing with prostate cancer.
  • A lot fewer scars on the body and not that painful to be précised.

Risks involved in robotic surgery:

  • There can be a problem in the legs of blood clots, which can be destructive and have many pins in general. There will be a problem with walking because of the significant blood clots.
  • Another disadvantage is the risk of various infections in the body.
  • Anesthesia and related goods reactions

Factors to be seen before choosing a hospital for robotic surgery:

Prostate cancer surgery is a serious procedure, so choosing a clinic with state-of-the-art robotic surgical facilities, an expert robotic urologist, and a healthcare team with experience performing successful radical prostatectomy is critical.

It is also essential to see the condition of the hospital because cancer treatments should be done in a presentable hospital. Other factors that should also be considered are the team of doctors performing the surgery, whether they are promising enough or not, and how well they are taking care of the medications.

The hospital stays, how well they explain all the precautions taking before and after the surgery, whether they are describing the problem in detail, doing everything smoothly, including all the diagnostic tests, etc.


As mentioned above, there is a lot of important information about robotic surgery for prostate cancer. People will always choose whether to move forward with robotic surgery and routine surgery.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the person and their doctor what they recommend for their patient because some things should be kept in mind before making these big decisions.

Before choosing, a crucial step is to ask the family doctor or the recommended doctor about every small and big thing in detail. Also there should be preference of the patient as well who will undergo this surgery.


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