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Questions That You Must Ask Your Hiring Company Before Choosing To Work As A Truck Driver


So, you’ve chosen to drive Trucks. Well, that’s great! Driving trucks for reputable companies is an excellent medium to earn your bread and butter. Besides that, it allows you to travel new roads and places, interact and deal with different kinds of individuals, and sharpen your driving skills as well. To help you out in your interview round, these are the 5 questions that you must ask your hiring company before choosing to work as a Truck Driver.

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Question No. 1 – What are The Major Areas and Routes You Need to Drive on?

The first question you should ask your employer what the routes and areas are you have to travel. This will help you to find your comfort zone that if you will be able to drive so long or not? Usually, drivers are assigned the routes that they are comfortable in, but eventually, it all depends on the logistics requirement.

Generally, drivers prefer to choose nearby areas that are familiar to them as well as convenient to travel across. Traveling to known lanes also helps them to deal with any unexpected circumstances, say road blockage, and finding a shortcut to reach out to the mini storage buildings. However, GPS technology is there to help in such a situation, but most of the time, many remote areas are not registered on Google Maps hence unable to find.

Question No. 2 – What Salary you want?

Well, you don’t want to drive the truck because it is your hobby! (Ignoring the exceptions here). You aim to earn bread and butter for the livelihood of you and your family. Right? So, this must be the most important question that you should ask your employer how much salary you will be paid? Get all the clear doubts right in the first meeting to avoid later on confusion and losses.

Some employer gives a salary on a monthly basis while some pay according to the distance travel or maybe it is according to the number of trips taken by the driver. When your employer asks for your salary expectation, always put up only one figure instead of giving a range. This reveals that you have done your market research correctly. Don’t easily accept the employer’s offer and negotiate to what you expect and deserve.

Question No. 3 – What Equipment Do you have Manage and Operate?

Although it seems very irrelevant questions to ask in the interview, if you choose to clear all your doubts at the start only, Apart from the distance travel to the storage building, you should also ask for the details of the equipment store, you are going to be provided with.

Asking this question is important because you will do your duty much better if you will be comfortable. It is also significant that by equipment, what you expect to have with you. Let us make it further clear. The material should include air-ride suspension, sleeper in the truck, the size of the sleeper made available to you, extra Stephany, etc. Your comfort is very crucial because driving is not a desk job. Your truck will be your office, where you have to spend the maximum of your time. So, it is quite natural that a comfortable driving space enables you to do your job much better.

Question No. 4 – Do You Give Layover Pay?

Before you ask this question to your employer, you should better know the meaning of layover. Layover is the wait time during truck loading and unloading. Generally, layover pay is already included in the salary offer to the driver. Still, if the layover time goes beyond what expected or what is reasonable, the Truck driver deserves to get paid extra for the excess wait time. There are also circumstances when the loading or unloading time extends due to the situation which is out of the control of the driver. This also attracts layover pay.

Question No. 5 – How you manage the high-stress situation?

It is not very easy to do work as a truck driver; you know that truck drivers feel stressed due to being away from their children and their families for a long time. Their family relationships also begin to deteriorate due to constant separation. In such a situation, you should not bring work and family together in your life; both should give different priorities. Often, to keep your mind calm and calm to relieve stress, you can listen to music in the free time, keep a positive thought.

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