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For people who don’t know what expanded shale is, it is a product that is produced from various sources which include clay, shale or slate and has different names depending on which country you live in. Shale is the most common sedimentary rock. Made up of mud with flakes of clay and other materials like quartz, comprising about calcite. It results in breaking the rock into various thin layers is known as fissility. Many suppliers of expanded shale find them in various areas, where the soil is somewhere around 4 metres below the surface of the soil. Hydroponics is an alternative method of nourishing plants. With that, the traditional methodology also involves planting the soil to retain and sustain its rich nutrient. With this method, it is possible to use water which is rich in nutrients for the purpose of growth of a plant. The hydroponics method gives one greater control over the type of nutrients plants receive. This process does require a growing medium to support the roots of the plant and ensure the stem remains upright. The hydroponics growing medium should also allow plants to absorb nutrients and oxygen easily.

Why Your Business Need a Commercial Repair Service Company

It is an excellent structural aggregate which consists of clays, shales, and slates bloated together at high temperature in rotary kilns very similar to the ones used in manufacturing Portland cement. The expanded shales provide the construction workers a high-grade aggregate which comes in different weight ranges per cubic foot. When it gets used right, it can produce fry concrete that weighs 90 to 100 pounds per cubic foot which is quite lower than the natural aggregate concrete. These expanded materials make it possible for construction workers to reduce the weight of the slab without having to sacrifice their strength. It is done by using a slightly richer mixer than required to obtain strengths with sand and gravel or crushed stones. The lightweight concrete is also known to work well for jobs that require insulation and acoustical properties. They are also great for fireproofing a place as they have great fireproofing characteristics compared to others. This is the reason why it is used for jobs such as covering structural steel beams and columns of a building.

A growing medium is essentially a soil substitute, few of which are listed here:

● Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA or LECA): These are clay balls that are cooked till they puff up popcorn and are converted into highly porous, spherical objects similar to Maltesers in appearance.

● COCO Coir: This is an inexpensive substance that has high absorbing properties.

● Perite: Made up of volcanic glass cooked at high temperatures. It is optimal for hydroponics since it is water-resistant, but the bubbles in the structure allow the retention of water.

Benefits of using LECA

Looking for hydroponic retail supplier in India? We supply lightweight clay aggregate (LECA) that assists in growing the plant and is one of the best growing mediums since it is light in weight and has a high level of porosity. This makes it optimal as a good medium for the plants to absorb the nutrients from the water. It has an amazing ability to retain moisture and can also be reused as well.

We are premium quality expanded shale suppliers and deliver our products to all parts of the world. Our client base is spread across the globe due to the quality of the products we provide and the affordable rates we offer. We offer various other products as well such as Leca aggregate, expanded clay balls, ECA construction aggregate, and lightweight aggregate.

You can even contact us for more detailed information.

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