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Practical Gift Ideas for the Businessperson in Your Family


Buying a gift for someone special shouldn’t be a frightening task that you avoid at all costs. There are so many wonderful options that your recipient would treasure, especially as a business person in your family. You can sit back and relax because our shopping experts have come up with a list of incredible gifts to consider that are unique, high-quality and ideal for the busy business person in your life.

Practical Gift Ideas for the Businessperson in Your Family

Headphone Privacy

Whether your business person relative is heading back to work in the office or doing the bulk of it from home, a great pair of headphones is another practical gift that anyone would appreciate. Let’s face it; sometimes, you just want to block out the rest of the noise and be able to concentrate, be in your own headspace and tune out the chatty office mate two cubicles over. Look online for a pair of durably designed headphones that feature cutting-edge engineering and robust construction.

Personalized Items

It’s no secret that most of us in the universe enjoy being treated specially for the rare individuals that we are. Psychologists have been studying the impact that gifts can have between people, and it’s remarkable to observe. It’s a real thing: people appreciate receiving items that express who they are.

That is why a thoughtful, personalized gift can strengthen a relationship and signify the importance that the giver feels for the recipient. Personalized gifts come in all shapes and sizes. For example, you could purchase a nice pen and have their name engraved on it. You could also find out how to customize your Macbook Pro or enhance a new high-tech item for their office. A stylish, smooth leather MacBook case or sleeve would be the ultimate in a personalized gift.

Coffee Ideas

The business person in your family probably indulges in a cup or two of steaming joe every morning without skipping a beat, right? Try wrapping up a bounty of K-cups for the office, and have your recipient be able to choose daily from a tasty variety. Who wouldn’t be wild about flavored coffees like French Vanilla, Texas Pecan, Death by Chocolate, Coconut Caramel, Salted Caramel, Irish Creme, Caramel Creme and more?!

If your loved one doesn’t already own one of these fancy home/commercial brewing systems, then buy the machine, too, and get your K-cup on.

Gift Baskets

Another way to send some love to your favorite business person is via a gift basket filled with favorite foods or snacks. Williams Sonoma is just one of many brands that creates all kinds of fabulous baskets. Maybe your loved one would be blown away with a gin-making kit, DIY sushi kit, or a cheese and charcuterie assortment. You could also shop locally and have the gift basket made in town with favorite items from downtown shops.

Pretty Plants

A little greenery goes beautifully in every office no matter where you hang your coat and set up shop. Consider a succulent garden or terrarium to give your favorite business person. You don’t have to include a fussy plant that demands the perfect sun/water/fertilizer ratio. When you choose a lush succulent arrangement, your recipient will enjoy its elegant appearance as it brings a little desert beauty into the office. Best of all, these pretty plants are easy to care for, show off unique appeal and only require a little water every two weeks. Talk about low maintenance.

You could also make it super-easy and buy your recipient a real-looking artificial succulent arrangement in potted silk that will last for years. It will look lovely sitting on an office desk, shelf, bookcase, etc. Terrariums also make fab gifts for the business person. You could purchase a glass terrarium vase and fill it with your own choice of cute air plants on display along with some colorful stones and moss.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to giving gifts that mean something extra to the recipient and at the same time, serve a practical purpose, then you’ve knocked it out of the park. You don’t have to bust your budget trying to find the perfect gift for the business person in your family. Consider our thoughtful tips and good luck!

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