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Powerful Marketing Tactics to Increase Brand Awareness


Brand awareness is key in reaching your target audience, but breaking through traditional advertising and marketing distractions can be difficult. You might have tried everything from TV commercials to billboards or print ads. But no matter how often you try any of these techniques on your own — or with a partner — you’re just not getting the response you want from potential customers.

Powerful Marketing Tactics to Increase Brand Awareness

Luckily for you, there are more creative and impactful tactics available to marketers than ever before. For instance, with the right amount of all-out creativity, your brand can become more of an experience than a product. And your marketing and advertising efforts can take this one step further by creating an enjoyable and engaging brand experience for your current and potential customer base. By applying these powerful marketing tactics, you’ll be able to reach a wider or more specific audience. You’ll gain audience attention and build brand awareness. And you’ll be able to engage with your target audience by listening to their thoughts and desires.

1. Embrace Your Message

The most powerful marketing tactic is one of the easiest: truly embracing your message. This means putting yourself in the shoes of your target market and focusing on how they understand and relate to the information coming from you. When doing this, you can more easily tell a story about your brand by including relevant points targeted at the emotions people need. Telling a story about your brand makes it more memorable and inviting for potential customers. You can then spotlight how you fulfill those desires and needs.

2. Choose a Symbol or Image That Represents You

A symbol or image that represents you can also help boost your brand awareness. Focusing on symbolism can help your brand stay memorable and relatable. For example, the Nike swoosh is as iconic as it is memorable in its connection to the company’s brand. The swoosh is a symbol of movement and athletic performance, two key characteristics of the Nike brand. So, ensure you choose a logo or symbol that reminds your target audience of these qualities. Or, try creating a new symbol or image that people can identify with on a deeper level.

3. Hire Event Staffing Agencies

Hiring staffing agencies can help you quickly fill any voids in delivering a brand experience. The added manpower helps your brand reach more customers across more channels. Event staffing agencies can provide entertainment and event staff to provide an interactive, engaging and memorable brand experience at the event. For example, a company offering event staffing services can help brand ambassadors. These are the people your brand needs to tell the story and appeal to their emotions. They can also provide the team your brand needs to host a video or photography shoot at the event. They can help you have fun with marketing ideas that encourage people to spread the word about your brand and seek out more information about you.

4. Employ Social Media

Social media is a great marketing tactic because it connects directly to your audience on a personal level. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with your audience and for them to express their thoughts about your brand. Social media allows you to share your message with a wider audience and easily gather feedback from potential customers. Create a strong social media presence by expressing yourself authentically. Provide information that’s accessible and easy to read while keeping it fun at the same time. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge customer service issues, but don’t dwell on them. If a social media interaction sparks an emotional response, use it. Focus on crafting these connections with your audience and encourage them to give you their unique thoughts and feedback.

5. Use Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is an excellent marketing tactic to use for brand awareness. The more you target your audience, the more likely they’ll be to give you attention. You can do this by providing people with a valuable offer — like a discount or promotion — that they’ll want to act on. Running a promotion or coupon will boost your brand awareness because people become aware of it and want to try it before others do. You can offer this promotion through your website or email blast, which will create high levels of exposure. Following up with customer service issues can boost brand awareness if handled well.


Regardless of how you use these marketing tactics, remember that they’re only effective when they reflect your brand and the audience you want to attract. If you truly embrace your message and share it authentically, people will be more likely to pay attention. You’ll build a stronger connection with your audience by giving and receiving feedback. And by making these connections through social media or direct marketing, you’ll encourage your target audience to spread the news about your brand.

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