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Picking The Right UGGs: What Are The Options?


The world of uggs is all about comfort, warmth, and statement style. If you have not been introduced to uggs yet, a short description would be that they are a kind of footwear originating in Australia, made of sheepskin with the fleece on the inside of the footwear, which is what makes these pairs of shoes so comfortable. They are also versatile in that they are unisex, come in various colours and styles, so there is always at least one pair of shoes that will resonate with everyone. While uggs can be the kind of shoe people might either hate or love, that certainly makes them the perfect ‘controversial style statement, and anyone sporting them is sure to stand out of the crowd.

Picking The Right UGGs: What Are The Options

Here are various popular styles of uggs to choose from when looking for UGG for women – all different but each style comes with its unique charms:

The Classic Short

The Classic Short ugg boots rise all the way to the mid-calf and have the soft, cozy feel of the sheep fleece on the inside and the tanned outside that every classic ugg sports. These are arguably the most popular style of ugg boots out there, but there is certainly a great amount of room to play around with these and work them into your style sense by pairing them with the right outfits. Some starter pairings include the fail-proof uggs and leggings combination; a tip, if you want to cross the line over to the edgier side of things, is to opt for dark coloured shiny leggings. For a more chic style, wearing uggs on top of light skinny fit jeans is the way to go.

The Classic Tall

This style of uggs comes with all the comfort of the classic ugg both combined with the height that reaches up to the knee. While these can look great with the right outfits, these are also perfect for the cold winters with the sheepskin trapping all the heat in so that you don’t get cold feet. The classic tall uggs can work well if the goal is a sophisticated look, if paired with a long coat and skinny jeans. Remember, with uggs that go over the height of your ankle, skinny pants are the key to a good look; wide boots and wide-legged pants tend to not get along well together.

The Classic Mini

These ugg boots reach up to your ankle and these might work great for people on the shorter side. The classic mini uggs can go just as well with skirts (feel free to experiment here are go down the short denim, leather, or long and flowy skirt route with this one) as they do with skinny pants.

The Rabbit Classic

While these classic uggs come with the signature comfort and style of the sheepskin, they also sport extremely soft-to-touch rabbit skin around the leg. The furry finish on the outside of the boot gives the boot a more chic style, making it a solid pairing with close-fitting pants. When matching your pants with your boots, it is always a good idea to go light with one and dark with the other to make your boots stand out.

The Ugg Slippers

These might even make the ugg anti-fans fall in love with them! These furry, soft slippers are just as comfortable as they look and are great just to wear at home with your favourite pair of pyjamas.

Even now, well into 2021, UGG for women is still in, with many celebrities sporting them to create looks we can’t forget!


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