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4 Smart Ways to Buy an Engagement Ring for Guys on a Budget


Buying engagement rings can be a challenging experience. The diamond’s shape, cut, and clarity must be considered. Additionally, the carat weight of the diamond must also be taken into account. Next is the type of metal chosen for the setting. Additionally, factors such as size and shape are also considered in the equation, making it easy to see why a guy will be overwhelmed.

4 Smart Ways to Buy an Engagement Ring for Guys on a Budget

Unfortunately, a majority of engagement ring tips for guys shared on social media aren’t helpful. Guys must get specific advice on purchasing a ring and buying the best one.

Set a budget

When it comes to the budget for a ring, a popular piece of advice is to spend 2 or 3 months of salary on an engagement ring. Buyers might have also come across price guides that provide extremely high estimates of how much a good engagement ring will cost.

It is unnecessary to follow specific rules since these are only ploys created by marketers and sellers. Instead, it is critical to factor in your financial situation when determining your budget as well as the specific desires of your significant other.

Consider your fiancée’s style

The next step in purchasing a ring your partner will adore is to take into account her style. It is critical to examine their other pieces of jewellery. What are the pieces mostly made out of? Does your significant other prefer classical pieces or minimalist jewellery designs?

You can also take a peek through their clothing and accessories to gain precious insight. What your significant other typically wears will provide clues about the type of ring they would want to wear. If she prefers dresses of floral vintage design, consider styles such as ornate halo engagement rings. If she has a sharp and sleek style, you can opt for a platinum bevelled ring.

Decide on the shape

A critical step is to select the shape of the diamond. The top consideration for shape is personal preference. There are shapes for every personality, from beautiful heart-shaped rings to oval styles.

If size and appearance are a consideration, it is critical to opt for a shape that appears huge. For example, an Emerald and Marquis exhibits the size better compared to other diamonds with comparable carat weight.

Know the basics regarding diamonds

It is crucial to have a firm grasp of the 4 C’s, which are cut, colour, clarity, and carat. It will help make a knowledgeable decision on the diamond. The quality and beauty of every diamond can vary significantly.

The following is a general recommendation for each of the 4 C’s:

● Cut

Select the ideal cut diamond to make sure the stone provides the most fire and sparkle. It is a critical decider of the beauty of a diamond.

● Colour

Choose a diamond in the nearly colourless range between G to I. The diamond will look just as transparent as a diamond in the range of D-F but will be more affordable.

● Clarity

Good clarity usually provides the best value for what can be visualized by the naked eye. In these VS1 and VS2 grades, imperfections are not noticeable.

● Carat

Since exquisiteness and sparkle are paramount, it is critical to focus on purchasing a stunningly cut diamond rather than prioritizing a certain carat weight. Once you have determined the other three’s best grades, it is critical to find the best carat that still fits your budget range.

Don’t be stressed by the process of purchasing an engagement ring. By applying the mentioned tips, you know exactly what you are looking for all without being influenced by traps and pitfalls.


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