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Peridot or Emerald: Which Gem is Right for You?


Gemstones are loved for their vibrant colors, and when you need to choose among the same colored stones, it’s a difficult task. In this blog, we are talking about two green-hued gems, a peridot, and a green emerald stone. Both these gems feature the same colors with a slight variation in shade. If you want to know which green gem is right for you, check out the following points.

Peridot and Emeralds: What historians believed

Both these gemstones have been valued for centuries. The common green shade of these stones has been a matter of discussion. From the famous Cleopatra gems, which were supposed to be peridot once, to even alexandrite, thought to be a natural emerald stone, even historians have been stuck in finding out the difference in gemstones. The reasons may be many, primarily the same color of the stones.

Finding out the difference between peridot and natural panna stone

Gaining an insight into the major differences between the two gemstones. The major difference comes with the original panna stone price and that of the peridot stone. Here’s what you need to know before choosing any one of them:

● Variations in Gemstone Coloration

What’s in the color? Color is an important factor determining the emerald price and, of course, the peridot stone price. But, when we consider color as the major point of differentiation between the two, it’s important to get an insight into it.

Original Panna stone features a color variation from rich green hue to bluish green and sometimes yellowish-green hue, too. Peridot, on the contrary, showcases an olive green color, making it the only gem with such a unique shade. Thus, there is a slight variation in shades of green for both gems.

Emerald green resembles the lush green forests, while peridot mimics the color of olive green trees.

● Understanding the different significance

The symbolism of both these gemstones is similar. It depends upon individual choices and preferences as to what consideration one would choose for either. Emerald green stones symbolize new beginnings, fertility, and growth. Peridot, on the other hand, is known for its significance, such as bringing peace of mind and body.

● Historical significance of gemstones

Gemstones in ancient times were known to hold great significance. For instance, peridot was believed to be worn as a talisman to ward off evils. Natural emerald stones in many cultures were used for medicinal purposes.

These gemstones were used as antidotes, blood purifiers, eye tonics, and more. This precious gemstone is related to the goddess Venus and is believed to represent immortality and faith.

● Different Birthstone, different Meanings

Birthstones are the gems that represent the birth month of an individual. Each birthstone has a unique meaning and bestows the individual with good fortune, health, and protection.

In context to the same, peridot is the birthstone for August, while emerald is the May birthstone. August’s birthstone represents good fortune and prosperity, whereas emerald as a birthstone signifies rebirth and new beginnings.

● Formation of these gemstones

Panna Stone Original Price is higher owing to its quality color and rarity, which makes it an exclusive gem formed inside the earth’s crust. The formation of the Panna stone is an intricate geological dance set in hydrothermal veins intertwined with granite formations.

Within these veins, mineral-laden fluids experience a transformative journey, subjected to intense heat and pressure. As these fluids harmonize with their rocky surroundings, the enchanting Panna gemstone takes shape. Peridot, on the contrary, are formed in the mantle region and are brought to the surface by tectonic or volcanic activity.

● Chemical composition of gemstones

Peridot is the mineral variety of Chrysolite or Olivene. It is often called magnesium iron silicate. The color of this stunning gemstone is due to the presence of iron as a trace element, giving it a splendid yellow and green hue.

Panna stone, on the contrary, is a member of the beryl mineral family. It is known as beryllium aluminum silicate. The presence of chromium and vanadium gives this precious gem a pure green to bluish green.

● The hardness of both these gemstones

Peridot stone has a hardness of 6.5 to 7, while emeralds have a relative hardness of 7 to 7.5. The comparison of these gemstones based on durability makes them the perfect choice for jewelry. Emerald jewelry is more durable owing to the hardness of the stone. However, these green gems are brittle, but with a sophisticated treatment, gemstone durability can be increased.

● Expensiveness that makes a difference

The price of original panna stone is high concerning its rich green color and high clarity. Peridot is indeed less expensive in comparison to lush green emeralds. However, the beauty of peridot is to be considered as they are the only gems that come in exclusive olive green color.

The real emerald stone per carat online in India ranges from a few thousand to lakhs of rupees. The rarity of these gems increases with their transparency, intense green color, and carat weight.

● Benefits to be known

Gemstones are also known for astrological benefits. Concerning the same, both gems offer the wearer immense benefits. Peridot is related to the heart and solar plexus chakra, whereas panna gemstone is associated with the heart chakra.

● Valuable gems with a difference

In comparison to peridot, pure green emeralds are more expensive. High-carat weight peridot stone also commands high value. The origin of gemstones increases their value. For instance, the Colombian emerald stone price is higher making them more valuable, whereas peridot sourced from Myanmar with increased carat weight also accounts for an optimal worth.

Choosing a peridot or panna stone is a personal choice. As per personal choice or preferences, one can opt for any of these gems. These gemstones feature a splendid different shade of green and are truly impressive.

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