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Lowers- Here, Comfort and Style Go Hand in Hand


Are you in search of a clothing item that serves many purposes? If yes, you should explore the stunning collection of lowers and track pants that are available online on Bewakoof.com. You must be wondering whether a type of clothing is stylish and extraordinarily comfortable at the same time, and the answer to that is yes. Lowers for both men and women have been in trend for quite a time now.

Lowers- Here, Comfort and Style Go Hand in Hand

But what makes them an excellent choice? It is the fact that they look amazing when paired with any upper wear and shoes. For example- when you plan to hang out at a club but find it boring to wear the same pair of jeans every time, what should you do now? A great idea is to pair black track pants with a cool t-shirt. And the best part is that the same combination will work if you have to go for sleepover at your friend’s place after the party ends. As track pants are made to be comfy, you can easily sleep in them. All you need to ensure is that they are made up of cotton.

It would be best if you replaced your shoes with a pair of flip-flops.

Here is the list of different types of lowers available online

Denim lowers

These are the coolest and most loved lowers both for men and women. Denim lowers are the most thrilling replacement for your everyday jeans. The denim lowers from Bewakoof are the best for those who want to stick to the cool denim look and want comfort with that. You can pair your denim lower with a polo t-shirt to rock your outfit.

Drop Crotch lowers

Casual and stylish, the drop crotch lowers and track pants are the ideal sportswear for your sports activities. You can enjoy a relaxed vibe in them. Add a leather jacket and cool white jogging shoes to your look, and you are all set to hit the road for a stroll.

Cargo lowers

Dashing cargo lowers provide you with a dapper look and level up fashion. Plain black sports t-shirt and white sports shoes will enhance your look while partying and camping with friends.

Track lowers

These are the most basic form of lowers available online. These track pants or lowers will make your gym workout sessions way more fashionable and attractive. Wear them with a vest and complete your trendy look.

Yoga lowers

Smarten up your yoga looks now. Bewakoof.com has the most convenient and comfortable yoga lowers. This fantastic yoga lower will wick up all the moisture, and you can perform stretches in peace. Pair a light-colored t-shirt or top to complete your eye-catching yoga and jogging look.

Ripped lowers

These lowers are cool and modern. The ripped lowers are the hottest of all the types of lowers and track pants available. White color ripped lowers with torn knee lines can take your look to a way more stylish stage. Pair them with a black t-shirt and canvas for a striking appeal.

Chino lowers

Designed especially for relaxation, these lowers can fit in and make different dress codes on different occasions. Add a simple shirt to amplify the look of your chino lower, and you are ready for the upcoming festive season. These cotton lowers also fall under formal clothing with the correct styling.

Army print lowers

These are a must-have in the closet of every modern man. These army print lowers are so much in trend that almost every Bollywood star has worn them for once. Style them with a colorful t-shirt to complete your casual-cool while on vacation.

Color Pop lowers

These lowers are your go-to for lying on your couch on a calm and relaxed Sunday afternoon. Color pop lowers are best to add that dash of sparkle to your look with bright colors.

Bewakoof’s range of lowers and track pants for both men and women will make you spoiled for choice for all those looking for stylish lowers for the home and casual day out with buddies. Shop for trendy lowers and track pants in endless colors and designs of your choice from the Bewakoof.com online store. We guarantee 100% original products and an outstanding shopping experience.

Happy shopping!

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