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How to Jazz Up a Small Bathroom without Remodelling!


If you have a small apartment or house, you may have a small bathroom. In fact, it’s very likely you will have a small bathroom!

It can be easy to become disheartened when it comes to decorating this area. After all, few people consider what can actually be done with a limited amount of space.

How to Jazz Up a Small Bathroom without Remodelling

But you can still showcase your personality and flair even in the tiniest of bathrooms. This article will look at some of the ways you can jazz up a small bathroom without having to remodel or move anything at all.


In those colder months, you don’t want to step out of your bathroom shower into a cold room. And while you may look around your bathroom and not see any space for small bathroom radiators, they can be easily installed in minimal space. You may opt for one which is a standing radiator, or you may opt for another one that acts as a stick-on heater and can be turned on and off at will. This can help to keep your bathroom at a warmer temperature. If you live in an area where it is frequently cold, it can provide welcome warmth on those chilly nights!

Toilet handles

It may seem strange, but one key way you can add a touch of personality to your bathroom is by changing the toilet handle. There are porcelain fixtures, chrome handles, and even some that look like they are made from wood, all of which can showcase your personality and add a unique hipsterism chic to your bathroom d├ęcor.


What would the bathroom be without plants? Even if you have even the smallest window ledge, you can still put a plant in your bathroom. Just be sure it is a plant that likes high humidity and can deal with the amount of light that your bathroom gets. You can even get attachable hooks and have plants hanging from your ceiling, which can add a more tropical vibe to your bathroom.

Wood wall

Why not add a fake wooden wall? This can be in the form of removable wallpaper that you place on one of the walls of your bathroom, which can add a unique touch and also cover up any cracks or issues with the paint that you may not be able to alter if you are renting your home.

But it doesn’t only have to be a fake wooden wall. You can use wallpaper with a brick pattern or even a damask print to add a more gothic touch to the bathroom if this is what you want.

Add more lighting

Lighting never goes a miss in a small space, and there are plenty of stick-on, removable lights that you can fit around your bathroom to light it up and make it more personalized. You can even add lights in your actual shower space so you can shower early in the morning or late at night without wasting electricity. Great stuff!

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